Fraternity and Sorority Advising

Fraternities and sororities are advised by Tufts advisors, as well as local alumni advisors and national organization or headquarters advisors.

Tufts Advising

Tufts Fraternity & Sorority Life advising provides fraternities and sororities with a larger support system by having members of the Division of Student Affairs outside of Fraternity and Sorority Life serve as advisors. 

In the 2017-18 academic year, Tufts will pilot a tiered advising model. Each chapter will work with a day-to-day advisor, or Chapter Advisor. The chapter leadership and the four leadership councils work with a Council Advisor to push forward strategic, system-level change. Several subject matter experts will serve as advisors to the entire fraternity and sorority system on specific topic areas, including Title IX, Alcohol and Other Drugs, and Diversity/Inclusion. 

Contact information for each advisor can be found on the Contact Us page of the OFSL website.

Tufts Chapter Advisors

The Chapter Advisors will work directly with a specific fraternity or sorority chapter, acting as a trusted resource and support system for the chapters’ members and leaders. The Chapter Advisors are the primary point of contact for chapters, and update the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life on all chapter matters. They will meet regularly with the chapter president and help move chapter initiatives forward.

Chapter Advising may include:

  • Attendance at chapter meetings
  • Regular meetings with the chapter president
  • Meeting with the New Member Educator weekly during the New Member period
  • Attendance at the Presidents' Roundtable
  • Participation in regular advising meetings and trainings
  • Mentoring check-ins with the chapter's new members during the New Member Period
  • Partnership with the chapter's alumni advisors and local alumni
  • Support for the chapter in developing at least one project per academic year to align with the mission and values of their organization and Tufts Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Attendance and promotion of chapter philanthropy event

Tufts Council Advisors

The Council Advisors will work with one of the four specific Greek life councils: IFC, IGC, MGC, and Panhellenic. The Council Advisors meet regularly with their council presidents to move strategic initiatives forward.

Council Advising may include:

  • Attendance at council meetings
  • Regular meetings with the council presidents
  • Providing resources for specific council initiatives
  • Attendance at Presidents' Roundtables
  • Participating in regular advisor meetings and trainings
  • Attending and promoting community-wide FSL events 
  • Mentoring council presidents and members and supporting the development of new council projects

Topic Area Advisors

Special topic advisors are subject matter experts on campus who are brought in to provide support and education in specific areas such as Alcohol and Other Drugs, Sexual Misconduct, and Diversity and Inclusion. Special topic advisors will be asked to serve as a support to specific committees (ie: The IGC Sexual Assault Prevention Task Force) as needed, and will be asked to advise the rest of the team on educational efforts and provide resources to chapters on their area of expertise.