Information for New Fraternity and Sorority Members

The New Member experience is an important time for new members of fraternities and sororities to meet other members and learn about their organizations' missions, values, and traditions.

The New Member experience should never be based on hazing. To learn more about hazing prevention and report hazing, visit the Hazing Prevention website.

OFSL New Member Training and Community-Building

New members must attend OFSL training and community-building events throughout the new member period. Events focus on important topics for new fraternity and sorority members, like sexual misconduct, mental health, and being an agent of change.  All events can be found on the OFSL calendar.

All programs will be 1 hour in length and will have educational components as well as reflection opportunities and community-building activities. Leaders already in fraternities and sororities will have an opportunity to apply to serve as mentors to the new members as they go through this training track. Mentors will participate in the trainings and serve as facilitators for the community building/reflection portions.

Chapter New Member Plans

Beginning in Fall 2017, each chapter will share a brief description of their plan for new member events and education with the OFSL. All new member plans must be approved by OFSL, and a chapter may not deviate from their approved new member plan without approval from OFSL.

All new members will receive a detailed new member plan that includes a description, date, and time for every event during the new member period.