External Programs Abroad

In addition to our ten Tufts Programs Abroad, you also have the option to take a leave of absence from Tufts to participate in a pre-approved external program. Below you will find our current list of approved program options sorted by general region. 

If you are considering an external program: 

  • It is your responsibility to confirm that the academic portion of the program is a minimum of 13 weeks per semester, and to obtain approval from the appropriate Tufts academic department for each course for which you wish to transfer credit.

    Learn More about Transfer Credit for External Programs
  • Applying to external programs requires that you submit two separate applications: 1) to the program provider and 2) to Tufts Global Education.

    Review the Application Process for External Programs
  • Students wishing to study abroad at a university partner of Tufts Programs Abroad (e.g., LSE, UCL, Sciences Po Paris, etc.) may only do so through Tufts Programs Abroad. You may not study at one of our partner institutions either directly or through an external provider (e.g., Arcadia or IFSA). 
  • Approval of a leave of absence to study abroad applies to transfer of academic credit only; it does not imply an evaluation of current security conditions in the host country. For updated safety information, contact the program provider and consult the U.S. State Department website. Study abroad in countries with a U.S. State Department Travel Advisory level 3 or 4 in effect is subject to review by Tufts' International Travel Review Committee. You should notify the Foreign Study Advisor by March 1 for fall semester or October 1 for spring semester if you intend to study in such a country. U.S. State Department Travel Advisories can change at any time; therefore, the International Travel Review Committee reserves the right to review study abroad plans as needed.

    Learn More about Health and Safety Abroad
  • Our recommendation applies to the individual programs listed, not to all programs offered by the sponsoring program provider.
  • The semester- and year-long programs listed on this page are currently approved for transfer credit toward a Tufts degree as of August 2023. (Refer to the program provider websites to confirm current program availability.) 

Petitioning a Non-Approved Program

If, after thoroughly researching the programs on the approved list, you find a program or university better suited to your academic needs, you must petition for approval. The petition process is as follows:

  1. You must contact the Assistant Director for External Programs no later than December 15 to discuss the program and the petition process. The Assistant Director will review the petition request and determine if it meets the threshold for consideration by the Education Abroad Committee. 
  2. If you are authorized to proceed, the Assistant Director will grant you access to the petition in the TGE application portal and you must submit your completed petition by February 1. A letter of support from a faculty member in your major department is required.
  3. Submit an application for an alternate program from the Approved Programs List (below) as a backup in case the committee does not approve your petition.

Petitions are reviewed once annually, for study abroad in the following academic year, by the faculty Education Abroad Committee. The Committee's decision is final and late petitions will not be considered.

Approved Programs

The approved programs list is divided by general region—Africa (Sub-Saharan), Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, and Oceania. Within each region, the programs are sorted alphabetically by country and any special conditions are noted at the start of each country list. Each program is hyperlinked to the Tufts application; keep in mind that you will also need to apply directly to the program separately. 

Fall (F), Spring (S), or the Full Academic Year (Y) listed in parentheses after the program name indicates the term(s) in which the program is typically offered. 

Options for Engineering and SMFA students are indicated where available.