Graduate Student Positions

Tufts is a student-centered research university with Liberal Arts, Sciences, and Engineering programs that draw faculty, staff, and students from around the world. Student Affairs is a central resource for all AS&E undergraduate and graduate students at Tufts, managing housing, health and wellness, leadership development, community building, and many other aspects of the student experience. Our staff and campus partners across Student Life work together to support an inclusive and safe campus, and to provide the programming, resources, and support every student needs to thrive.

There are many pre-professional positions within Student Affairs and among our closest campus partners that are designed to bring theory to practice for those interested in entering the field of higher education, or for those currently enrolled in a student development/higher education administration program in the greater Boston area. Positions range from semi full-time internships to lower-hour practicum experiences with stronger academic ties.

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Compensation and Housing

Compensation for graduate positions varies greatly by department, with some positions being paid on a stipend, or a specified amount of money paid out in equal payments across the term dates of the position, while others are paid at an hourly rate based on the specific numbers of hours worked. While the hours and payment may vary, nearly all positions offer additional benefits such as on campus housing, meal plans, parking passes, professional development funds, tuition remission, or course credit. Please review the full position description on the application for additional details about compensation and benefits, and if housing is offered.


Positions are available in a number of departments or functional areas, including Campus Life, Residential Life and LearningStudent Accessibility and Academic Resource (StAAR) Center, and our six centers within the Division of Student Diversity and Inclusion. Hours, compensation, and other benefits vary by position. 

Core Responsibilities
Application Deadline
Contact Information
Asian American Center Graduate Assistant Assist with programming at Asian American Center
Support for Peer Leader Program
Support Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi/ American Heritage Month
15-20 hours per week Filled for 2021-22

Emily Ding, Program Administrator

Latino Center Graduate Assistant Support the center in planning and executing programming including Orientation, Latinx Heritage Month, and other Latinx based events 15-20 hours per week Filled for 2021-22 Marvin Casasola, Director
LGBT Center Graduate Assistant Support in development and implementation of LGBT Center programming
Develop programming and resources for other LGBTQIA+ Graduate Students within AS&E and SMFA at Tufts
10-15 hours per week August 19, 2021 Joel Gutierrez, Program Administrator
Office for Campus Life Graduate Intern for Programming Program Board Advising
Program Administration
Student Organization Training and Support
18 hours per week with nights and weekends Filled for 2021-22 John Wescott, Associate Director
Office for Campus Life Graduate Intern for Operations Supervise Student Event Staff
Schedule Management
Event Supervision
18 hours per week with nights and weekends Open Until Filled Chelsea Jordan, Associate Director
Office for Campus Life Graduate Intern for Student Organizations Student Organization Training & Support
Media & Publication Organization Advising
JumboLife Student Engagement Platform Management
18 hours per week with nights and weekends Filled for 2021-22 John Wescott, Associate Director
Office for Campus Life Orientation Intern (NODA) Orientation Planning
Orientation Communication
Orientation Social Programs
35 hours per week with extended hours during Orientation Week Filled for Summer 2021 Joe Golia, Director
Office of Residential Life and Learning Assistant Residence Life Coordinator (ARLC) Supervise Resident Assistants (RAs)
Foster the development of community in a residential area
Support students in crisis, including serving in an on-call
Advise Residence Hall Councils
Oversee programming and events for the assigned residential area
20 hours per week Filled for 2021-22 Nadia Vargas, Associate Director
Office of Residential Life and Learning Graduate Resident Assistant (GRA) Support, guide, and mentor a community of undergraduate students in the BFA program (SMFA at Tufts)
Crisis and emergency response
Ensure community standards and University policy is upheld
Administrative support including residence hall opening/closing, lockouts, health and safety inspections, etc.
10 hours per week Filled for 2021-22 Nadia Vargas, Associate Director
Student Accessibility & Academic Resource (StAAR) Center Graduate Office Assistant Running the notetaking program including hiring and managing the undergraduate note-taking team.
Assisting with exam proctoring and or/scribing/ reading for student’s with disabilities during exams. You may work with faculty and staff to acquire exams.
Support with other StAAR center administrative needs.
10 hours per week Filled for 2021-22 A.J. Lyman, Office Administrator
Student Affairs Office Graduate Assistant Disciplinary History Checks
Dean Certification Letters
Scheduling Meetings with Deans
Updating Student Record Systems
10-15 hours per week Filled for 2021-22

Renee Leblanc, Administrative Coordinator

Student Affairs Office Community Standards Specialist Meeting with students accused of violating Code of Conduct to gather information and guide facilitated reflection on behavior
Structuring holistic educational intervention
Writing relevant letters and reports
Advancing projects that are priorities of the Office of Community Standards
20 hours per week Filled for 2021-22 Lindsay Ferguson, Assistant Director of Community Standards
Women's Center Graduate Assistant Supervise undergraduate interns
Develop and implement programming
Plan and organize annual symposium
10-15 hours per week Filled for 2021-22 Jessica Mitzner, Program Administrator

Have a practicum requirement or other special project you’d like to work on relating to a functional area within Student Affairs at Tufts? Many departments also host practicum students or special project interns on as a case by case basis. If you’d like to explore the possibility of working with one of our campus partners for a course requirement, practicum, or special project that does not fall within one of our existing positions, please email and we’ll do our best to connect you with the appropriate staff.

Practicum or Course Requirements

If you are seeking a position to fulfill course or practicum requirements, we encourage you to include the requirements within your application for each individual position. The supervisor of each position will work closely with you and your individual faculty advisor or program coordinator to help develop your learning contract and fulfill your academic requirements as part of the existing position, if able.