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Fitness and Individual Development at Tufts (FIT) is a four-day pre-orientation program for students with interest in investing in a healthy and active experience while in college. The program serves the purpose of integrating students into the Tufts community through wellness, nutrition, and fitness activities. Students have the opportunity to exercise each day, and learn about self-care and wellness at Tufts, all while forming lasting relationships with other first-year students and the upperclassmen serving as peer leaders.

Incoming students are placed into FIT groups with 10 other first-years and 2-3 upperclassmen peer leaders. They will serve as your first friends and help guide you through your transition to life at Tufts. Participants in FIT get the opportunity to develop strong relationships within their groups, as well as meet other first-year students and peer leaders from other groups.


Two students kayaking

Over the course of the four days, students will learn how to live an active lifestyle at Tufts. During the program, they will get the opportunity to participate in fun Jumbo Workouts like kickball, ultimate frisbee, swimming, spin classes, yard games, hip-hop dance, and many  more. Additionally, they will participate in outdoor activities off-campus like sailing, golf, hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing.


Students participating in yoga class in gym

Throughout the program, students will be introduced to the mental health resources and support systems available at Tufts. FIT also teaches students about proper nutrition, sleep, and stress management at college. Moreover, they will receive a tour of the fitness center and the fitness amenities available to Tufts students, along with information about how to get involved with activities on campus, such as club and intramurals sports.

Adjusting to Campus

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FIT program primarily takes place at Tufts and students will get the opportunity to find their way around campus before Orientation. They will have a few days to adjust to campus life before the rest of the rest of student body arrives. However, FIT isn’t just all on-campus! Participants also get the chance to explore the city and surrounding areas of Boston. FIT groups take an afternoon field trip to areas like Davis, Cambridge, or Downtown Boston. You will learn how to navigate the T (Boston’s subway system) and about the best places to hang off-campus.

FIT is built for anyone! You do not have to be athletic or super “fit” to participate in FIT! While participants certainly will have the opportunity to engage in athletic and fitness activities, the program is open to anyone who generally likes to be active. FIT offers a wide variety of options for everyone, regardless of your athletic experience or fitness background.

We encourage everyone to sign up for FIT and follow us on Instagram @Tufts_FIT! We can’t wait to meet you in the fall!

2022 Student Coordinators

Daniel Lemmon

Daniel (Petey) Lemmon

Coordinator, 2024

Petey is from Villanova, PA, and majors in Economics. He is involved with multiple organizations on campus including Varsity Track and Field, The Tufts Financial Group, The Palmier, and the fraternity Delta Tau Delta. In his free time, Petey enjoys cooking, reading, and chess. Petey has been a part of FIT both as a Fitter and as a FIT leader. He was on the support staff of the program last year while being a FIT leader and he is excited to help lead the program this year!

Evan Szablewski

Evan Szablewski

Coordinator, 2023

Evan is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. On campus, Evan is on the Swim Team and is also a SAAC representative. You can find Evan studying in the SEC with his friends or sitting in Dewick.

Lily Volper

Lily Volper

Coordinator, 2023

Lily is a combined degree student from Boca Raton, Florida, majoring in Cognitive and Brain Science and Studio Art. On campus, she works as a research assistant in the multisensory perception lab and is the Head of Design and Web in TEDxTufts. She is also apart of VSC and CSA. When not in class, she enjoys exploring the Boston area.


Jon Bird

Assistant Manager of Athletics Operations and Promotions


Program Dates: August 27 - August 30

A Typical Day of FIT

An example of what we might do on any given day based on past years’ activities

Time Activity
8 a.m. Breakfast in Carmichael Hall
9 a.m. Hear from Tufts faculty about life at Tufts
10 a.m. Jumbo workout: Choose from various activities like spinning, swimming, and hip-hop dance
12 p.m.  Lunch with your peers and leaders
1 p.m.  Outdoor adventure: Get off campus to (for instance) hike, golf, or kayak
5 p.m. Dinner and good conversation
7 p.m. Group activities like bowling in Davis Square or exploring Boston

Participating in FIT eased me into freshman year perfectly by introducing me to amazing people, providing me a support system of older peers, and familiarizing me with the campus. Even more importantly, it gave me the opportunity to meet people that I can confidently say will be my friends for life.

Connor Calabro, Class of 2017

FIT was an incredible pre-orientation where I got to know Tufts; we learned about stress management, nutrition, and awesome extra-curricular opportunities. The main thing I loved about FIT was the people. The leaders were enthusiastic, funny, welcoming, and people I looked up to, and the students were just as fun. I loved FIT so much I decided to become a leader in order to pay it forward.

Gabrielle Salomon, Class of 2018