We are part of Student Financial Services in Dowling Hall and are responsible for providing accurate bills, billing information, processing bill payments and the approval and processing of refunds.

My Bill   

Learn about our billing system: eBill.  Find out how to log in and view your bill.

Payment Options   

Find out about payment options including: eBill, checks, the monthly payment plan and wire transfers.  Learn about the Tuition Refund Insurance plan offered through A.W.G Dewar. 

Outside Scholarships and Third Party Billing   

Find out where outside scholarships will appear on your bill and how we handle third party billing.

Request A Refund   

Read about policies and procedures for refunds, and learn how to set up your electronic refund account with BankMobile. 

Estimate My Bill   

See a detailed explanation of charges you will find on your bill and use our calculator to estimate your own bill. 

Tuition Refund Policy   

Learn about how your bill will change if you make enrollment changes and are billed per credit, elect to withdraw, are required to withdraw, or if you take a leave of absence from Tufts.  

My 1098-T Form   

Read about important tax information related to your tuition bill.