Student Employment

Students are responsible for applying for and securing a work study or non-work study position on campus. Both work study and non-work study positions are posted below and on Handshake throughout the year. Students without Handshake access can apply for on campus jobs via the email contact in the Campus Jobs Feed below.

Current On Campus Job Opportunities

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Students are eligible for work study positions if they see a federal or Tufts work study award on their financial aid award letter. If in-person students did not apply for financial aid or they do not have a work study award on their award letter, they are eligible to apply to non-work study positions on campus. More details about undergraduate work study can be found on our FAQs page.

Dental School students will not be able to access Handshake and should check newsletters and on bulletin boards on campus for open positions.

Childcare/Babysitting Positions

You can see current listings and find families you’d like to babysit by searching our childcare job postings.

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Applying for Jobs

Student jobs are posted on the Campus Jobs Feed above and on Handshake. When searching for positions, filter for “Work Study” to find all on- and off-campus work study positions, filter by “On-Campus” for both work study and non-work study on-campus positions, and filter by “Work Study” and “On-Campus” to find work study eligible positions on campus. Most positions will have you submit application materials through Handshake, and some will have you email or complete a separate application. Students without Handshake access can apply for on campus jobs via the email contact in the Campus Jobs Feed above.

Need help navigating Handshake? The Career Center is your go-to resource. They offer one on one advising appointments, as well as drop in hours. In order to make sure you have a successful appointment, check out their guide to transitioning your resume to a collegiate version before you go. For general questions on Handshake, you can view the support resources listed here.  

Interviewing for and Securing a Job

After you’ve applied, employers that are interested in interviewing you will be in touch to schedule a time to meet. It is generally advisable for students to dress up to some extent, but you likely won’t need to wear a suit. Most students will wear slacks, dark jeans, or a skirt with a button-down shirt, blouse, or sweater to a work study job interview. After your interview, your interviewer will let you know whether or not they will offer you a position. Keep applying and interviewing until you find a position.

Payroll Onboarding

Once you have secured a position, your hiring department will enter your job information into the Tufts Payroll system and you will be prompted to complete Pre-Provisioning by creating your online identity in the Payroll system, completing your I-9 with I9Everywhere, and submitting your W-4 (tax form) and Direct Deposit in eServe. A full overview can be found here. Completing these steps will allow you to be paid successfully.

Starting Work

Once you begin working, your supervisor will enter your hours each week and you will be paid on Fridays for hours worked the previous week (Ex. You are paid for hours worked during the first week of the month on the second Friday of the month). Your paychecks will be direct deposited into the account(s) you’ve indicated in eServe. If you have questions about your pay, you should speak with your supervisor. Always talk to your supervisor in advance if you have any scheduling issues or other conflicts at work.

Work Study Usage

If you would like to monitor your work study usage, you can log into SIS and click the Financial Aid tab. Click Awards and Documents and you’ll be redirected online. Choose the current school year in the top right-hand corner, then use the menu button in the top left-hand corner to navigate to Student Employment. This will show your work study award and current amount earned through work study pay.

You can always view your pay stubs on eServe to review your pay. If you have questions about your hours you should speak to your supervisor, and if you have questions about taxes or withholdings you should contact TSS (617-627-7000).

International Students

International students studying in the US on a student visa may be eligible for on-campus employment only. Please be in touch with the International Center with any questions regarding your work authorization and taxation. The International Center has tax preparation software you can use to file taxes if you are required to.

International Center