Direct and Indirect Costs: Undergraduate Students

The total college budget is listed on the award letter. This is a list of items used to determine the cost of attendance that was used as a framework for your award. It includes direct costs (things that will be charged on the bill) and indirect costs (estimated out of pocket expenses that will not be charged to your bill).

The standard Direct Costs include tuition and fees and room and meals. Health insurance is charged on every student’s fall bill but is not included as part of standard budget during the awarding process because it can be waived if a student already has coverage.

Even though a student may live off campus starting in their junior year or choose a different meal plan option starting in their sophomore year, room and meals are listed as a direct costs on the award letter. The room amount is based on the cost of a Traditional Double and the meals amount is based on the cost of a Premium meal plan. The room amount is adjusted for returning students in higher-priced on-campus Tiered Housing.

The standard estimated Indirect Costs are out-of-pocket costs that are considered necessary and include books and personal expenses. Travel may be included in the budget based on how far from Tufts your home is. For example, there is no estimated travel expense included in the cost of attendance for students from Massachusetts, but a student from another state such as California, or another country, will have an estimated travel cost as part of their cost of attendance.

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