Tufts Wilderness Orientation (TWO)

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Tufts Wilderness Orientation (TWO) is a five-day, student-led experience for incoming First-Years. The program includes backpacking, canoeing, hybrid (a combination of backpacking and canoeing), trail crew, and camping trips through which incoming students can experience the outdoors while creating lasting bonds with each other.

All trips are designed for beginners; no prior outdoor experience is needed! We recommend that all TWO participants are prepared for a moderate level of physical activity that may include hiking for multiple hours at a time or extended days paddling. Once you have a spot in TWO you’ll have the chance to rate your preference for trip type and level of difficulty. Please note that we have a limited number of each type of trip and cannot guarantee you your first choice.

All of our student leaders have been trained in outdoor living skills and are Wilderness First Aid certified. Groups are completely self-sufficient for the duration of the trip in remote locations in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. This means all trip participants carry food and equipment, cook for one another, and set up camp.

                                       Even if your favorite outdoor experience is at your local park, we hope you sign up for TWO!

Lake front view with text in the sky that reads Click here to learn about what types of trips TWO offers
Students with large backpacks walking on a trail with text in the sky that reads Click here to learn about TWO Affinity Trips


Meet our 2024 Student Coordinators!

Coordinator Lina Fang smiling in front of the alhambra

Lina Fang, she/her, 2024

Lina graduated in May and is from Monterey, CA, with majors in Psychology and Spanish and a minor in Linguistics. She loves going to different movie theaters in the Boston area with friends, singing acappella with Tufts sQ!, and is on a mission to learn how to cook. She is so excited to coordinate TWO this year and can’t wait to meet the incoming first-years!

Coordinator Claire Bolash smiling on the beach

Claire Bolash, she/her, 2024

Claire graduated in May and is from Connecticut majoring in Political Science. At Tufts she on the ski team, Tufts Dance Collective, and Burlesque! She likes to crochet, bake, and read. Claire has loved her time on TWO staff and is so excited to coordinate the program this year!

Coordinator Eleanor Tyne sitting in dining hall wearing flannel shirt smiling at the camera

Eleanor Tyne, she/her, 2026

Hi! My name’s Eleanor, and I’m the support staff coordinator this year. I’m a rising junior studying English and am on the frisbee and climbing teams at Tufts. I'm from Orono, Maine, and I love reading and playing outside with things like jump ropes and pogosticks. I love TWO and am so excited to coordinate the program this year!

Program Schedule

August 23Arrival & Check-in! You'll be greeted by our excited Support Staff, checked-in, and have your gear checked by our Leaders. You'll also have an opportunity to move your belongings into your dorm and say goodbye to your families.
August 24 - August 28Trips Out!
August 28 (evening)Program Closing! Back on campus, you'll have the opportunity to shower, change, and re-join your group for dinner and a closing ceremony with the rest of the TWO program.


Doing TWO was the perfect bridge into college. It helped me gain confidence in what I was capable of, discover an amazingly supportive, welcoming, and accepting community, and learn about a lot of resources on campus from upperclassmen that helped me so much in my transition into life at Tufts.

Zach Woods, Class of 2023

Tufts Wilderness Orientation was an amazing introduction to essential skills that I needed to get through college. The trip gave me time to practice tackling unfamiliar challenges and asking for help before starting school. TWO informs how I build and sustain community to this day.

Meira Downie, Class of 2023

TWO as a program is committed to being a safe and inclusive space for all students including our own staff. We are always trying to push against the historically exclusive nature of outdoor activity. That being said, we know it can be intimidating to sign up for an outdoors program, especially when you’re not sure if you’ll fit in. These staff members have offered their stories with TWO to hopefully comfort those who share similar identities. 

Image of TWO Leader Darya next to the ocean with the text, "Click here to read Darya's experience. One of the wonderful things about the queer affinity trip was the fact that without knowing each other, there was an inherent bond that came from a shared life experience despite our contexts being so different."
Image of TWO Leader Katie Lew with a backpack and a giant pumpkin with text "It was an awesome feeling to backpack with a bunch of badass POC when non-white people have historically been so excluded from outdoor recreation. Click here to read Katie's experience"
Image of TWO Leader Becca holding 2 records in a clothing store, with text that says "Click here to read Becca's experience. Before coming to Tufts, I didn’t spend much time in the outdoors, mostly because my Indian family views hiking and camping as activities that only white people do...I found out that I actually really like being outside, even though I had less experience with it than other people on my trip."

Image of TWO leader Mason Rauch standing with a backpack on in the woods
Image of TWO leader Bijin Basu standing in front of a storefront in jeans and leather jacket
Image of TWO leader Maya Stopka smiling on a beach

Image of TWO leader Raga Chilakamarri standing in front of a cliff ocean view smiling
Image of TWO leader Liam McKenna taking a selfie smiling on a rock with text "Being able to think about both my identity as a queer man and place in outdoor spaces was never something I had been asked to do until leading an affinity trip. Click here to read Liam's experience"
Image of TWO participant Rebecca Fowler standing on snowy mountain side in the woods with text "Backpacking with complete strangers may sound intimidating at first, but being part of an affinity trip helped me feel more comfortable. Click here to read Rebecca's experience"