Campus Center Room Reservations



There are several meeting rooms and programmatic spaces in the Campus Center. These rooms are available for use by any recognized student organizations or departments and are reserved online using the Reserve Tufts Reservation System.  Rooms must be scheduled at least three days in advance. Rooms cannot be scheduled on the day of use.

In order to submit a reservation via ReserveTufts, your organization must have submitted their JumboLife Organization Registration Form. Within that form is a field asking for the organization’s dedicated ReserveTufts contact. That individual can submit a reservation request on behalf of the organization. 

Additional Guidelines

Access to Locked Spaces

If a facility that you have reserved is locked, you must call Tufts University Police Department (617-627-3030) and request they open the room for you. The room reservation confirmation print-out must be presented when the police arrive. If a facility needs to be opened, it is your responsibility to ensure the building is secure at the end of your event, and to call TUPD to secure the facility if necessary.

Responsibilities of Sponsors

When a facility is reserved for use, the sponsoring organization assumes responsibility for the facility throughout the duration of use. Upon entering the room, the sponsor should note any damage or problems with the facility. Care should be taken during the time of use to protect the facility. After the event, the room must be left clean and in the condition in which the room was found prior to any set-up. If the sponsor anticipates that this will not be possible, the Facilities online work order must completed prior to the event to provide this service. The room furnishings are to be reset to the original set-up. Any damages should be reported to Tufts University Police Department (617-627-3030) at the conclusion of facility use. Any additional cleaning or repair required after use will be billed to the sponsoring organization.

Changing or Canceling a Reservation

If it becomes necessary to change the time, date, location, or another detail of your event, it is important to email the appropriate event scheduler to modify the information in the Room Reservation System. A corrected confirmation printout will be provided if time permits. All servicing departments (i.e. Tufts University Police Department, Catering, Facilities, A/V Services) must also be notified of all changes by the sponsor, or sponsors will be liable for any associated charges. Repeated no-shows may result in the loss of reservation privileges.