Student Organizations Fair

DUE TO RAIN POSTPONED UNTIL FRIDAY 9/9, 1 pm - 4 pm. This year’s fair will be held in-person on Friday, September 9 from 1 to 4 p.m. on the Academic Quad. Additional information for event attendees can be found on the JumboLife event page

Organizations Fair Map

Org Fair Map

Information for Student Organization Leaders

Each organization will receive one full 6ft table with a blue tablecloth, two folding chairs, and a sign with their organization name as it is recognized by the TCUJ. To participate, your organization must have completed the annual JumboLife Transition FormNo other registration or sign-ups are required for participation in the fair. As a reminder, participation is required for all TCUJ recognized student organizations.

Event Details:

  • Organizations will be setup alphabetically by organization name within each categorical section. You may view a list of organizations and their assigned categories here. Student organizations must remain at their assigned location; no swapping or moving tables is permitted.
  • The event will open at 10:30 a.m. for organization representatives to arrive, find and setup their table. You do not need to check-in, you may simply proceed directly to your table.
  • Table signs and tablecloths may not be removed or kept for other use. Organizations with missing signs, tables, chairs or other equipment after the event may be charged for replacement.

Preparing for the Fair: 

  • Keep interactions brief to allow for as many students to visit your table as possible. Prepare a 15-30 second elevator pitch. 
  • Have a display or posters and photos of past events and initiatives to showcase your work.
  • Create a QR code that directs students to a Google Form to collect names of interested students or to allow students to sign up for your e-list or other resources.
  • Avoid having a paper sign up sheet, or allowing students to share pens or laptops/tablets to sign up for e-list or meetings.
  • Schedule and reserve your GIM or other meetings on ReserveTufts in advance to be able to promote these dates to students during the fair.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Student Organizations Fair Table Locations

View a map with each row identified here.

Student Organization Name Category Row
180 Degrees Consulting E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E1
Access Betters the Lives of Everyone (ABLE) A (Advocacy) A1
Action For Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP) A (Advocacy) A1
Active Minds A (Advocacy) A2
Advancing Civic Thought In Our Nation (ACTION) A (Advocacy) A2
Advocacy for Quality Aging A (Advocacy) A3
African Student Organization (ASO) H (Culture & Identity) H1
Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E1
Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and Services (ALLIES) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E1
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc - Epsilon Chapter I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1
Amalgamates J (Arts & Performance) J1
American Chemical Society E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E1
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E1
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
American Society of Civil Engineers E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
American Society of Mechanical Engineers E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Amnesty International A (Advocacy) A3
Animal Aid A (Advocacy) A3
Anime Club G (Recreation) G1
Applejam J (Arts & Performance) J1
Arab Student Association H (Culture & Identity) H1
Armenian Club H (Culture & Identity) H1
Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (AROTC) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Art Galleries Student Programming Committee (TUAG SPC) J (Arts & Performance) J1
Artists of Color Union B (Fenway Campus) B1
Asian Student Coalition (TASC) A (Advocacy) A3
Association of Latin American Students (ALAS) H (Culture & Identity) H1
Association of Mixed People at Tufts (AMPT) H (Culture & Identity) H1
Association of South Asians H (Culture & Identity) H1
Athletes of Color at Tufts H (Culture & Identity) H1
ATO of Massachusetts I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1
Badminton Club (Club Sport) G (Recreation) G1
Ballroom J (Arts & Performance) J1
Bangin' Everything at Tufts (BEATs) J (Arts & Performance) J1
Baseball (TUBC) (Club Sport) G (Recreation) G1
Baseball Analytics (BAT) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Basketball (Men's Club Sport) G (Recreation) G1
Basketball (Women's Club Sport) G (Recreation) G1
Beelzebubs J (Arts & Performance) J1
Bengali Students Association H (Culture & Identity) H1
Best Buddies A (Advocacy) A3
Bhangra J (Arts & Performance) J1
Big Brothers Big Sisters A (Advocacy) A3
Biomedical Engineering Society E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Black Student Union H (Culture & Identity) H1
Black Students in Computer Science (BSCS) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
BlackOut J (Arts & Performance) J1
Blockchain Club E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Boxers on the Hill G (Recreation) G1
Brazilian Students Association H (Culture & Identity) H1
Breakthrough Undergraduate Research Journal C (Publications & Media) C1
Buddhist Mindfulness Sangha (TBMS) F (Religious & Philosophical) F1
Burlesque Troupe J (Arts & Performance) J1
C. Stacey Woods Programming Board F (Religious & Philosophical) F1
Calligraphy Club J (Arts & Performance) J1
Camp Kesem A (Advocacy) A4
Cancer Outreach A (Advocacy) A4
Caribbean Student Organization H (Culture & Identity) H1
Catholic Community at Tufts F (Religious & Philosophical) F1
Chabad F (Religious & Philosophical) F1
Cheap Sox J (Arts & Performance) J1
CheeHoo Hawai'i Club H (Culture & Identity) H1
Cheerleading (Club Sport) G (Recreation) G1
Cheese Club G (Recreation) G1
Chess Club G (Recreation) G1
Chi Omega I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1
Child Development Association E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Children of Cultures of Africa (COCOA) H (Culture & Identity) H1
China Care A (Advocacy) A4
Chinese Student's Association H (Culture & Identity) H1
Climate Action A (Advocacy) A4
Climbing Team (Club Sport) G (Recreation) G1
College Access Mentoring Initiative A (Advocacy) A4
Community of Faith Exploration and Engagement (COFFEE) Interfaith Student Coalition F (Religious & Philosophical) F1
Computer Science Exchange E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Consulting Collective E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Cooperation and Innovation in Citizenship (CIVIC) A (Advocacy) A5
Crafts Center J (Arts & Performance) J1
Cricket Club G (Recreation) G1
Culinary Society G (Recreation) G1
Currents Magazine C (Publications & Media) C1
Cycling Team (Club Sport) G (Recreation) G1
Debate Society E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Delta Tau Delta - Beta Mu Chapter I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1
Delta Upsilon I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1
Democrats A (Advocacy) A5
Diabetes Network A (Advocacy) A5
Diverse Minds A (Advocacy) A5
Doctors Without Borders E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
DREAM A (Advocacy) A5
Ears for Peers A (Advocacy) A6
Eco Arts Club B (Fenway Campus) B1
Eco Reps A (Advocacy) A6
Economics Society (TES) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Effective Altruism A (Advocacy) A6
Electric Racing E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Encendido J (Arts & Performance) J1
Enchanted J (Arts & Performance) J1
Energy Group E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Engineering Student Council (ESC) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Engineers Without Borders E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
English Society E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Entrepreneurship Association of Tufts E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Environmental Health League A (Advocacy) A6
ENVY J (Arts & Performance) J1
Equestrian (Club Sport) G (Recreation) G1
ESL A (Advocacy) A6
Essential Medical Supplies and Activism for Inequities and Disasters (EMS-AID) A (Advocacy) A6
Ethiopian Eritrean Students Association H (Culture & Identity) H1
European Horizons A (Advocacy) A6
European Students' Association H (Culture & Identity) H1
Fencing (Club Sport) G (Recreation) G1
Field Hockey (Club Sport) G (Recreation) G1
Figure Skating Club G (Recreation) G1
Financial Group E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
First-Generation Collective (FGC) A (Advocacy) A6
Food Rescue A (Advocacy) A6
French Society H (Culture & Identity) H1
Freshman 15 J (Arts & Performance) J1
Friends of Israel H (Culture & Identity) H1
Full Sound Vocal Group J (Arts & Performance) J1
Future Histories Literary Magazine (FH) C (Publications & Media) C1
Gaming Hub G (Recreation) G1
Geological Society E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Girls in STEM A (Advocacy) A6
Global Medical Brigades E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E2
Graphic Novel Club G (Recreation) G1
Green Dot Ambassadors Bendetson Patio (Sex Health Fair) N/A
Habitat for Humanity A (Advocacy) A6
Harlem Grooves H (Culture & Identity) H1
Hemispheres Magazine C (Publications & Media) C1
Her Campus Tufts C (Publications & Media) C1
Hillel F (Religious & Philosophical) F1
Hindu Students Association F (Religious & Philosophical) F1
Historical Review C (Publications & Media) C1
History Society E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Hong Kong Student Association H (Culture & Identity) H1
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (THFES) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Humanist Community at Tufts F (Religious & Philosophical) F1
HYPE! Mime Troupe J (Arts & Performance) J1
Ice Hockey G (Recreation) G1
iGem at Tufts E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Indigenous Students' Organization at Tufts H (Culture & Identity) H1
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Institute Sketch Comedy J (Arts & Performance) J1
Inter-Greek Council I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1
Interfaith Student Council F (Religious & Philosophical) F1
International Club H (Culture & Identity) H1
International Development E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Investment Club E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Italian Club H (Culture & Identity) H1
Ivy I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1
J Street U A (Advocacy) A8
Jackson Jills J (Arts & Performance) J1
Japanese Culture Club H (Culture & Identity) H2
Jumbo Jugglers J (Arts & Performance) J1
JumboCast C (Publications & Media) C1
JumboCode E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Jumboraas J (Arts & Performance) J1
JumboSec E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
JumboVote A (Advocacy) A8
Jumpstart A (Advocacy) A8
Kappa Alpha Theta I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1
Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program (KDSAP) A (Advocacy) A8
Kids in Nutrition A (Advocacy) A8
Knitting Club B (Fenway Campus) B1
Korean Dance Association (KoDA) J (Arts & Performance) J1
Korean Student Association (KSA) H (Culture & Identity) H2
Labor Coalition A (Advocacy) A8
Lacrosse (Women's Club Sport) G (Recreation) G1
Ladies of Essence J (Arts & Performance) J1
Lambda Pi Chi Sorority Inc. I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1
Latin American Committee C (Publications & Media) C1
Latinx & Caribbean Womxn Artists Club B (Fenway Campus) B1
LCS Athletics A (Advocacy) A8
Legacy Project A (Advocacy) A8
Leonard Carmichael Society (LCS) A (Advocacy) A8
Local Bard's Players (LBP) J (Arts & Performance) J1
Magician Society J (Arts & Performance) J1
Major: Undecided J (Arts & Performance) J1
MAKE E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Maternal Advocacy Research for Community Health (MARCH) A (Advocacy) A8
Math Society E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Melisma Magazine C (Publications & Media) C1
Mental Health Reps A (Advocacy) A8
Middle East Research Group E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Middle Eastern Dance J (Arts & Performance) J1
Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Mock Trial E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Model United Nations A (Advocacy) A8
Muslim Student Association F (Religious & Philosophical) F1
National Society of Black Engineers E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
NeuroNetwork E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Observer C (Publications & Media) C1
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc - Gamma Chapter I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1
ONYX Magazine C (Publications & Media) C1
Palmier Culinary Magazine C (Publications & Media) C1
Pan-Afrikan Alliance (PAA) H (Culture & Identity) H2
Pancreufts, Pancreatic Diseases Awareness Organization A (Advocacy) A8
Panhellenic Council I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1
Parnassus C (Publications & Media) C1
Pen, Paint, & Pretzels J (Arts & Performance) J1
Pep Band J (Arts & Performance) J1
PERIOD @ Tufts A (Advocacy) A8
Persian Student Association H (Culture & Identity) H2
Petey Greene Program A (Advocacy) A8
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc - Beta Alpha Chapter I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1
Philippine Student Union H (Culture & Identity) H2
Pre Medical Society E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Pre-Dental Society E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Pre-Law Society E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Pre-Physician Assistant Society E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Pre-Veterinary Society E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Primary Care Progress E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Prison Initiative A (Advocacy) A8
Product Studio E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Project Linus A (Advocacy) A8
Project SHARE E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Project Sunshine A (Advocacy) A8
Protestant Students Association (PSA) F (Religious & Philosophical) F1
Psychology Society E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Public Harmony J (Arts & Performance) J1
Public Health Society E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Puerto Rican Association (PRA) H (Culture & Identity) H2
Pulse J (Arts & Performance) J1
QuestBridge Scholars (QB) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E3
Quidditch G (Recreation) G1
Quiz Bowl E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Real Estate Society E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Red Cross Club A (Advocacy) A8
Republicans A (Advocacy) A8
Returning Students Organization H (Culture & Identity) H2
Robotics Club E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Roti and Rum J (Arts & Performance) J1
Rugby (Men's Club Sport) G (Recreation) G1
Rugby (Women's Club Sport) G (Recreation) G1
Running Club G (Recreation) G1
Russian Slavic Central Asian Students Association H (Culture & Identity) H2
S-Factor J (Arts & Performance) J1
Sarabande Dance Ensemble J (Arts & Performance) J1
Sex Health Representatives Bendetson Patio (Sex Health Fair) N/A
Shir Appeal J (Arts & Performance) J1
Shotokan Karate (Club Sport) G (Recreation) G2
Sikh Student Association F (Religious & Philosophical) F1
Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia Students' Association (SIMSA) H (Culture & Identity) H2
Sink Cafe D (Student Government) D1
Sino-U.S. Relations Group Engagement (SURGE) H (Culture & Identity) H2
Ski Team (Club Sport) G (Recreation) G2
SMFA Student Government Association (SGA) B (Fenway Campus) B1
Soccer (Men's Club Sport) G (Recreation) G2
Soccer (Women's Club Sport) G (Recreation) G2
Society of Latinx Engineers and Scientists E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Society of Physics Students E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Society of Women Engineers E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
South Asian Perspectives and Conversation (SAPAC) A (Advocacy) A8
South Asian Regional Committee A (Advocacy) A8
Spikeball Club G (Recreation) G2
Spirit of the Creative (SOC) J (Arts & Performance) J1
Sports Business Association E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
sQ! J (Arts & Performance) J1
Stand-Up Comedy Collective J (Arts & Performance) J1
STEM Ambassadors E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
STOMP E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Strong Women Strong Girls A (Advocacy) A9
Student Athletic Advisory Committee G (Recreation) G2
Student Garden G (Recreation) G2
Student Prison Education Abolition Coalition A (Advocacy) A9
Students for Justice in Palestine A (Advocacy) A9
Students for NARAL A (Advocacy) A9
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Students in Biological Computation E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Students of Turkey H (Culture & Identity) H2
Synaptic Scholars E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Table Tennis (Club Sport) G (Recreation) G2
Tabletop Gaming G (Recreation) G2
Tae Kwon Do (Club Sport) G (Recreation) G2
Taiwanese Association of Students at Tufts H (Culture & Identity) H2
Tamasha J (Arts & Performance) J1
TAMID at Tufts E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Tap Ensemble J (Arts & Performance) J1
Tau Beta Pi - Massachusetts Delta E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Teach-In CORES A (Advocacy) A9
TEDxTufts C (Publications & Media) C1
Tennis (Club Sport) G (Recreation) G2
TFL Comedy J (Arts & Performance) J1
Thai Students' Association H (Culture & Identity) H2
Thalia I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1
The Xi Tau Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1
Theta Chi Fraternity I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1
Thirst Project A (Advocacy) A9
Timmy Global Health A (Advocacy) A9
Tisch Council for Philanthropic Leadership A (Advocacy) A9
Torn Ticket II J (Arts & Performance) J1
Tour Guides E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Transfer Student Association H (Culture & Identity) H2
Traveling Treasure Trunk A (Advocacy) A9
Tufts After School Tutoring and Enrichment (TASTE) A (Advocacy) A9
Tufts Bikes G (Recreation) G2
Tufts Community Union (TCU) Elections Commission (ECOM) D (Student Government) D1
Tufts Community Union (TCU) Judiciary (TCUJ) D (Student Government) D1
Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate D (Student Government) D1
Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate Textbook Exchange D (Student Government) D1
Tufts Community Union (TCU) Treasury D (Student Government) D1
Tufts Daily C (Publications & Media) C1
Tufts Dance Collective J (Arts & Performance) J1
Tufts Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Tufts for Health Equity A (Advocacy) A9
Tufts Girl Scouts A (Advocacy) A9
Tufts Mountain Club (TMC) G (Recreation) G2
Tufts Opportunity Consulting (TOC) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Tufts Student Giving E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Tufts University Social Collective (TUSC) D (Student Government) D1
Tufts University Television (TUTV) C (Publications & Media) C1
Tuftscope C (Publications & Media) C1
Turbo J (Arts & Performance) J1
Tutoring A (Advocacy) A9
Ultimate Frisbee - Ewo/Bwo (Women's Club Sport) G (Recreation) G2
Ultimate Frisbee (Men's Club Sport) G (Recreation) G2
UNICEF A (Advocacy) A9
United for Immigrant Justice A (Advocacy) A9
Video Game Design Club G (Recreation) G2
Vietnamese Students Club H (Culture & Identity) H2
Volleyball (Men's Club Sport) G (Recreation) G2
Volleyball (Women's Club Sport) G (Recreation) G2
Water Polo (Men's Club Sport) G (Recreation) G2
Water Polo (Women's Club Sport) G (Recreation) G2
Wind Ensemble J (Arts & Performance) J1
WMFO C (Publications & Media) C1
Women Entrepreneurs at Tufts (WE@T) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Women In Computer Science (WICS) E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Women in International Relations E (Pre-Professional & Academic) E4
Women's Higher Education Now (WHEN) A (Advocacy) A9
Wuzee J (Arts & Performance) J1
Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) A (Advocacy) A9
Zamboni Magazine C (Publications & Media) C1
Zeta Beta Tau Tufts Omicron Chapter I (Fraternity & Sorority Life) I1