Privacy Blocks


    What Is a Privacy Block?

    A “privacy block” limits the University’s ability to disclose your directory information to third parties without your consent. “Directory information" is personally identifiable information about you that, absent a privacy block, could be disclosed without your prior consent.

    Directory Information consists of:

    • Student’s name
    • Address (both local and permanent)
    • Telephone number (local, permanent, and cell)
    • Date and place of birth
    • Academic program (school, degree, major, minor)
    • Enrollment status (dates of attendance, full-time/part-time status)
    • Degrees, honors and awards received
    • Participation in athletics and student activities
    • Most recent educational institution attended
    • Email address
    • Photo

    What Does a Privacy Block Do?

    Implementing a privacy block is an all or nothing proposition. You cannot choose to have some pieces of information given out but not others, nor can you selectively choose to whom we can give out your information. You should be aware that we tend to err on the side of caution in terms of disseminating this information. As a result, some of the unintended consequences of putting a privacy block in place may be missed mailings, messages, and announcements.

    A privacy block will also have the following effects:

    • Your name and directory information (name, college, major, year, phone, email) will not appear in the Tufts Directory.
    • The Tufts University Career Center will not be able to share your resume with employers.
    • Calls to the Registrar’s Office regarding your status cannot be answered. This means that potential employers who are seeking verification of enrollment or degree granting will not be able to access that information from the University.
    • Your name will not appear in the Tufts Commencement Bulletin.
    • Your e-mail address will not appear in the Tufts email directory. The Tufts email directory contains e-mail addresses for Tufts-affiliated persons. If you do not appear in the directory, it is not easy to find you by email, unless someone knows your exact email address. If you are a part of the Tufts email directory, someone using the Tufts email system can more readily find you, even if they only know part of your name.
    • Even if you submitted a photo and/or bio, you will not be included in future editions of student directories and yearbooks. However, Tufts faculty members will be able to see your photo when looking at a class list online.

    How to Request a Privacy Block

    To request a privacy block:

    1. Log in to the Student Information Systems (SIS)
    2. Navigate to the "About Me" section
    3. Click on "Privacy Settings"
    4. Click on "Edit FERPA"

    Students, who do not wish to have their information made available to third parties, should select the appropriate privacy setting through SIS as soon as possible.

    Editing FERPA Settings

    If you change your mind about your privacy block, you can cancel it by editing the FERPA settings on SIS as indicated above. While you may request a privacy block at any time, please note that they are effective only prospectively.