Petty cash funds reimburse employees or students for minor, out-of-pocket expenses incurred on behalf of Tufts. Instructions for submitting petty cash reimbursement requests for students and faculty/staff members are included below, as well as instructions to approve student reimbursement requests for department administrators.

Petty cash reimbursements cannot exceed $50. Any reimbursements above $50 should be processed via a Business Expense Form. All petty cash reimbursements must follow the Travel and Business Expense Guidelines. All reimbursements will be provided electronically; the Bursar's Office will no longer provide cash for reimbursements.


Students seeking reimbursement for approved expenses must:

  1. Create or obtain an electronic PDF receipt for qualified expenses. These cannot exceed $50 in a single request.
  2. Contact the department administrator for the department on whose behalf you incurred the expense and present your receipt and any other required documentation. Remember to provide your student ID number and name with the request.
  3. Once a department has approved your request, your request for reimbursement will be sent to the Bursar's Office electronically for processing.
  4. The Bursar's Office will review the information and, upon approval, will credit your student account for the amount approved.
  5. You do not have to submit an additional refund request for this credit. The Bursar's Office will actively process these reimbursement submissions twice a week and will refund you via eRefund through our partner BankMobile. Please make sure you set up your refund profile if you haven't already by logging into their SIS account, going to the "Bills & Balances" tab and clicking on "Manage eRefund." You will need your personal bank account information (account number and routing number) to complete your refund profile. Find additional details about the refund process.

Department Administrators

The department administrator(s) approving the requests for student reimbursements are expected to review and approve the student's requests and provide the Bursar’s Office with the accounting information these expenses should be charged to. The expense cannot exceed $50.

  1. An authorized Tufts University Administrator must complete the electronic petty cash submission form that will require:
    1. A full description of the expense
    2. A four-digit Account number and seven-digit Department ID (where the expense is being charged to), as well as the grant number if applicable. For more information refer to the Chart of Accounts.
    3. The name and ID number of the student seeking reimbursement
    4. PDF copy of receipt
  2. Once the form is submitted and approved, the Bursar's Office will apply a credit to the student account. This credit will not be applied to any outstanding balance and will be refunded without the need for the student to submit an additional request.
  3. Refunds will be issued twice a week after Bursar approval. The refund will be issued electronically to the student through our partner BankMobile.

To obtain access to the submission form, please contact Student Services at or call 617-627-2000.

Faculty/Staff Members

All reimbursement requests for any amount will be submitted through e-Expense (Apptricity).

  1. All employees should complete the application to be an e-Expense User and send it to to request access to e-Expense, if they have not done so already.
  2. Once given access to e-Expense, users can log into Apptricity to submit and/or approve expenses.

Per University business expense/travel policy, users of this system will be able to submit and/or approve travel and business expense reimbursements. Additional approvers may be required at the department's discretion based on your school's or division's "ad hoc" approval rules.

Please visit the Apptricity User Guide for step-by-step instructions. Training for e-Expense is available through the Tufts Learning Center. Tutorials are also available through AccessTufts. Please contact Tufts Support Services ( or 617-627-7000) for any questions related to faculty and staff expense reimbursements.