Event Registration for Students

Registering Student Organization Events

All student organizations are required to register all events through JumboLife, Tufts student organization engagement platform. This includes all events in on-campus spaces, off-campus and events done through a virtual platform. All student organizations are required to register events at least three weeks prior to the date of the event. Event types often vary and events that need more preparation and planning should register at least four weeks prior to the date of the event. Events with no to minimal University requirements (AV, Facilities, Rentals, TUPD, etc.) may be able to be approved within the three-week timeline.

Reserving On-Campus Spaces

Student Organization reservations for on-campus spaces should be made in Reserve Tufts. Each student organization has one person who serves as their reservation contact and has access to Reserve Tufts to put in space reservations. This name was provided during the annual fall student organization registration process in JumboLife. Reservations in Reserve Tufts are first coded as “tentative.” This will not allow any other organization to reserve this space at this time. The space will be held tentative until your event information is reviewed and approved. Change requests to a student organization's person with Reserve Tufts access should be made in the organization's JumboLife page. If you do not have admin access to your organization's JumboLife page to make changes, and you should, please send request to jumbolife@Tufts.edu.
NOTE: Some campus spaces may not be on Reserve Tufts and/or may be managed and assigned by various departments. If a student organization has permission to use one of these spaces it is still required to register event on JumboLife for approval.

Event Approval and Confirmation

Event registrations will be reviewed, approved or denied through the JumboLife platform for all events, and also through Reserve Tufts for on-campus space requests. The information submitted via JumboLife will be reviewed by OCL staff and approved accordingly prior to the event or meeting.  Depending on type of event, space, or student organization need, some organizations may be invited to a weekly event registration meeting. If your organization is invited to an event registration meeting, attendance is mandatory. Should your organization fail to attend, the event may be cancelled. The student who attends the event should be a leader who is knowledgeable about all parts of the event. Student Organizations should always keep copies of their final confirmed reservations. Note: TCU Senate does not approve events and therefore funding approvals are subject to final event approvals through the event approval process. Should an event that was granted funding through regular budgeting or the supplemental funding process not be approved, the organization may come back to ALBO regarding alternate use of the approved funds.

Special Permission

Depending on the nature of some events, additional approvals may be required. This could include events that do not adhere to the mission of the student organization, the TCU Senate or the University. In addition, events labeled high risk or involve increased liability would require further approval. Questions on this process should be directed to the Director of Campus Life. Due to space constraints and needs, some on-campus event spaces require additional approval from various departments or spaces owners.  Please review Event Spaces and Reserve Tufts for details prior to placing your reservation. The Office for Campus Life will work with the student organization and other departments when special permission is needed. Note: for information on student organization events in the category of protests or demonstrations please review the Free Expression at Tufts website.

Non-Student Organization or Department Events

The Office for Campus Life assists in the implementation of events sponsored by student organizations or for students with department sponsorship. Students with event ideas or plans would need to work with an existing recognized student organization or a department and follow all guidelines posted above in order to execute a campus event. Students can reach out to the Office for Campus Life with questions and ideas on implementing events outside of the traditional route.