Graduate Billing and Payment Options

Tufts bills students electronically using eBill. When a new eBill statement is released, students receive an email notification that directs them to log in to their SIS (Student Information System) account to view it. Students can add Invited Viewer Access to allow any other individual (such as a parent) to view or pay their eBill. The billing and payment due dates are the same each year:

Billing DatesPayment Due Dates
Fall eBill releasedEarly July
Fall eBill balance dueEarly August
Spring eBill releasedEarly November
Spring eBill balance dueEarly December

Your eBill statement is the official notification of the balance owed to Tufts. You can view past eBill statements and real time current balance and up-to-date billing changes in SIS.

Financing Options