Winter | Summer Session


    Welcome to winter and summer session registration

    Whether you are looking to enroll in a short Winter Session or Summer Session course here at Tufts, registration looks slightly different than during the academic year for our matriculated students.  Our Winter and Summer Sessions are managed by University College, a Tufts' school. Prior to registration, make sure to review all of University College's policies and deadlines.



      How to Register for Winter | Summer Session

      UC Registration

      The following steps can be completed beginning on the first day of summer registration to activate yourself for summer registration:

      1. Log into SIS and click on “Classes” and then “Summer Activation.” 
      2. Read and agree to the terms and policies of the Summer Session regarding registration and finances.
      3. Enroll in courses.

      Academic Calendar

      As a reminder, students are encouraged so speak with their advisor about course selection prior to registering for courses. Incoming first-year students can reach out to the appropriate Advising Team member.

      Please Note:

      • There is about a 10-minute delay between finishing the activation process and being able to add courses to your shopping cart and enroll. 

      • Some courses are available for audit (not graded and not for credit). If you choose this option, you must select that class before completing all steps of the enrollment process to ensure accurate billing.
      • If you are trying to register for a Summer Session course after online registration has closed for a session, you should contact Student Services about how to proceed.


      Summer Pass/Fail 

      Students looking to pass/fail a summer course, or change between audit and credit, may complete this form



      Visiting Students Information

      Thank you for your interest in Tufts University College, Courses at Tufts are available to visiting high school, undergraduate, and graduate students throughout the academic year, as well as during our winter and summer sessions. Visit Us today and choose from a variety of areas of study and taught by our awarding winning Tufts Faculty and Staff. If you have any questions, please reach out to us anytime at

      University College Policies

      For all Tufts students taking courses during our winter and summer sessions, please make sure to read and understand all our University College policies. If you have any questions you can reach us anytime at