University College

Mission Statement

University College was established to facilitate the development of university-wide degree and non-degree programs for matriculated students and to offer educational programs that reach new non-matriculated student populations, including pre-K through high school students, working professionals, and lifelong learners.  Established in November 2018 by a vote of the Board of Trustees as the successor to the College of Special Studies, University College is committed to Tufts’ mission as a student-centered research university by seeking to extend access to Tufts' high-quality education to those for whom a full-time, residential degree in a traditional discipline is not the right option. In keeping with the vision of Tufts for Life serving students at all points in their educational journey, University College collaborates with all of the schools and faculties of Tufts University to offer learning experiences that complement and expand the reach of their degrees, certificates, and research. Today, University College is responsible for Courses at Tufts (year-round), Summer SessionWinter TermTufts Pre-College Programs, and Lifelong Learning and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Tufts.


All students participating in University College programming are bound by the University College policies as well as the policies for the specific Program and School in which they are enrolling.

Matriculated students can find specific information on summer calendars, add/drop deadlines, and refund deadlines for Summer Session on the UC Policies page.

Courses at Tufts

Courses at Tufts allows high school students, visiting undergraduate and graduate students, working professionals, and lifelong learners to enroll in select courses across the many schools of Tufts. Students can develop new skills, accelerate their career, explore a new degree or certificate program, or simply expand their interests.  Courses at Tufts offerings include in-person and online options, and span the academic year, the Summer Session, and the Winter Term.

Summer Session

Summer Session takes place through the months of May, June, July, and August and includes a wide range of educational opportunities. Summer study allows Tufts students to take courses that fulfill core requirement outside the space of the academic year, enables them to tackle difficult work in a concentrated manner, or offers the chance to explore new topics and fields. Summer Session is likewise open to visiting non-degree students as well as high school students through a slate of pre-college programs. In addition to regular six- and twelve- week courses, Summer Session supports workshops, and more flexible course formats across the schools of Tufts University.


Winter Term

Winter Term is a resource for the creation of a range of innovative noncredit and for credit courses and workshops both in-person and online.

Tufts Pre-College Programs

Tufts Pre-College Programs currently offers high-achieving high school students the opportunity to experience a Tufts-quality education and get a head start on their college career. Students may take select courses year-round through Courses at Tufts for High Schoolers and in the Summer Session or participate in one of our many cohort programs ranging from the semester-long Tufts Research Experience program, the 6-week Tufts College Experience summer program, our 1- to 3- week summer Intensives. Programming for K-8 students is also available, and programming for middle school students is in development.


Professional and Continuing Education

University College’s Professional and Continuing Education unit not only offers university-wide open enrollment courses through Courses at Tufts (year-round), but also various workshops, short courses, and certificates in partnership with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA).  Opportunities range from offerings for novices ready to learn the fundamentals of visual expression to advanced study for seasoned artists in search of master-level techniques or exposure to new materials and techniques in virtual reality, graphic design, and illustration.

Lifelong Learning

University College oversees the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, which serves 50+ adults through a wide range of in-person and online educational and social programs, including lectures, interactive study groups, special-interest clubs, and more, all offered in an inclusive and welcoming environment.