Undergraduate Transfer of Credit Department Representatives

Transfer of Credit Department for Undergraduate Students

Approver Name

Approver Email Address

3D and Performance Leah Gadd leah.gadd@tufts.edu
Africana Studies AB Huber AB.Huber@tufts.edu
American Studies AB Huber AB.Huber@tufts.edu
Anthropology Craig Cipolla Craig.Cipolla@tufts.edu
Arabic Alexandra Shraytekh Alexandra.Shraytekh@tufts.edu
Arabic Rana E. Abdul-Aziz rana.abdul-azziz@tufts.edu
Archeology J. Matthew Harrington Matthew.Harrington@tufts.edu
Archeology R. Bruce Hitchner Bruce.Hitchner@tufts.edu
Architectural Studies Diana Martinez diana.martinez@tufts.edu
Asian American Studies AB Huber AB.Huber@tufts.edu
Astronomy Gary Goldstein gary.goldstein@tufts.edu
Biological Engineering Emmanuel Tzanakakis emmanuel.tzanakakis@tufts.edu
Biology George S. Ellmore george.ellmore@tufts.edu
Biomedical Engineering Sergio Fantini sergio.fantini@tufts.edu
Chemical Engineering Emmanuel Tzanakakis emmanuel.tzanakakis@tufts.edu
Chemistry Sergiy Kryatov sergiy.kryatov@tufts.edu
Child Development W. George Scarlett george.scarlett@tufts.edu
Chinese Culture or Literature Courses Xueping Zhong xueping.zhong@tufts.edu
Chinese Language Courses Mingquan Wang m.wang@tufts.edu
Civics Studies & Peace and Justice Studies Peter L. Levine peter.levine@tufts.edu
Civil and Environmental Engineering C. Andrew Ramsburg andrew.ramsburg@tufts.edu
Civil and Environmental Engineering Laura J. Sacco laura.sacco@tufts.edu
Colonialism Studies AB Huber AB.Huber@tufts.edu
Classics Joanne Phillips jh.phillips@tufts.edu
Community Health Amy Lischko Amy.Lischko@tufts.edu
Computer Science Alva Couch alva.couch@tufts.edu
Dance Jaclyn Waguespack Jaclyn.Waguespack@tufts.edu
Data Science Alva Couch alva.couch@tufts.edu
Earth and Climate Sciences John C. Ridge jack.ridge@tufts.edu
Economics Thomas Downes Thomas.Downes@tufts.edu
Education Ryan D. Redmond ryan.redmond@tufts.edu
Electrical and Computer Engineering Chorng Hwa Chang chorng.chang@tufts.edu
Engineering Briana Bouchard briana.bouchard@tufts.edu
Engineering C. Andrew Ramsburg andrew.ramsburg@tufts.edu
Engineering Management Jill Parlee jill.parlee@tufts.edu
Engineering Psychology Matt Finch Matthew.Finch@tufts.edu
English Sonia Hofkosh sonia.hofkosh@tufts.edu
Entrepreneurship  Jill Parlee jill.parlee@tufts.edu
Environmental Studies Sara Gomez Garcia sara.gomez@tufts.edu
Film and Media Studies Denise Cummings Denise.Cummings@tufts.edu
French Vincent Pollina vincent.pollina@tufts.edu
French Anne-Christine Rice Anne-Christine.Rice@tufts.edu
German Culture Courses Markus Wilczek markus.wilczek@tufts.edu
German Language Courses Saskia Stoessel-Deschner saskia.stoessel@tufts.edu
Graphic Arts, Print and Paper Leah Gadd leah.gadd@tufts.edu
Greek Joanne Phillips jh.phillips@tufts.edu
Hebrew Hedda Harari-Spencer hedda.harari_spencer@tufts.edu
History Man Xu man.xu@tufts.edu
History of Art and Architecture Jacob Stewart-Halevy jacob.stewart_halevy@tufts.edu
Human Factors Engineering Briana Bouchard briana.bouchard@tufts.edu
International Literary and Visual Studies Hosea Hirata hosea.hirata@tufts.edu
Italian Cristina Pausini cristina.pausini@tufts.edu
Italian Laura Baffoni-Licata laura.baffoni-licata@tufts.edu
Japanese Culture Hosea Hirata hosea.hirata@tufts.edu
Japanese Language Kiyomi Kagawa kiyomi.kagawa@tufts.edu
Judaic Studies Joel Rosenberg joel.rosenberg@tufts.edu
Latin Joanne Phillips jh.phillips@tufts.edu
Latino Studies AB Huber AB.Huber@tufts.edu
Linguistics Ariel M. Goldberg ariel.goldberg@tufts.edu
Mathematics David Smyth david.smyth@tufts.edu
Mechanical Engineering Matt Finch Matthew.Finch@tufts.edu
Media Arts Leah Gadd leah.gadd@tufts.edu
Museum School Leah Gadd leah.gadd@tufts.edu
Music Frank Lehman frank.lehman@tufts.edu
Music Melinda Latour O'Brien melinda.latour@tufts.edu
Native American and Indigenous Studies AB Huber AB.Huber@tufts.edu
Nutrition Diane Louise McKay diane.mckay@tufts.edu
Other Languages Charles Inouye charles.inouye@tufts.edu 
Painting and Drawing Leah Gadd leah.gadd@tufts.edu
Philosophy David A. Denby david.denby@tufts.edu
Photography Leah Gadd leah.gadd@tufts.edu
Physical Education Bailey Finocchio bailey.finocchio@tufts.edu
Physics Gary Goldstein gary.goldstein@tufts.edu
Political Science Consuelo Cruz consuelo.cruz@tufts.edu
Political Science Michael Beckley michael.beckley@tufts.edu
Portuguese Maria Champlin Maria.Champlin@tufts.edu
Psychology Lisa Shin lisa.shin@tufts.edu
Psychology Samuel Sommers sam.sommers@tufts.edu
Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora Studies AB Huber AB.Huber@tufts.edu
Religion Joseph Walser joseph.walser@tufts.edu
Russian Greg Carleton greg.carleton@tufts.edu
Sociology Freeden Blume Oeur freeden.blumeoeur@tufts.edu
Spanish Maria Ester Rincon Calero Maria.Rincon_Calero@tufts.edu
Studio Art Leah Gadd leah.gadd@tufts.edu
Theatre & Performance Studies Jessica Pizzuti jessica.pizzuti@tufts.edu
Theatre & Performance Studies Linda Ross Girard linda.girard@tufts.edu
Tufts Gordon Institute  Jill Parlee jill.parlee@tufts.edu
Urban and Environmental Policy Laurie S. Goldman laurie.goldman@tufts.edu
Visual and Material Studies Eulogio Guzman eulogio.guzman@tufts.edu
Women's Gender, and Sexuality Studies Sarah Luna Sarah.Luna@tufts.edu

Students seeking credit for "other literature" should submit requests for evaluation through International Literary and Visual Studies.

Requests to change Department Transfer of Credit Representative can be made via an email to studentservices@tufts.edu