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StAAR Center Workshops  will be held both in person and via Zoom. Workshop recordings and handouts will be posted to the StAAR Center Student Resources course on Canvas. For accessibility accommodations, please contact

Student Resources

Student Organizations and Events


(Access Betters the Lives of Everyone) a Tufts Student group focused on connecting students with disabilities to form a mutually supportive community, to advocate for disability rights on campus and beyond, and to educate the Tufts community about disabilities. Interested in joining? Contact them at Follow them on Instagram: @ABLE.Tufts You can also find ABLE on JumboLife!

Make Your Events Accessible

The StAAR Center is committed to ensuring your events are accessible. We have created an Accessible Events Checklist that you can follow to ensure your next event is equitable for all!

Resources for Academic Skills

Through individual and group programming, Tufts Academic Coaching Program attends to the needs of a diverse community of learners that includes one-on-one coaching, academic skills and discipline-specific workshops, and small group tutoring for specific courses. Students may meet with members of our staff at any point during their Tufts career. Find out more about what the Academic Coaching Program can do for you!

Resources for Writing

Whether you are a first-year undergraduate writing your first college paper or a doctoral candidate writing your dissertation, our goal is to help you feel confident about your writing at any stage of the writing process. Find out more about StAAR Writing Support today.

Technology Resources for Students


Students, staff and faculty, regardless of if they are approved through our office, will have the ability to use this service to change the format of files they use in their college experience. This service allows students to transfer between inaccessible and accessible formats such as turning scanned PDFs into accessible PDFs, Word documents or even MP3s. The instructions on how to use SensusAccess are straightforward, but will rely on the student providing a "" email address.

Please follow the SensusAccess Portal link to be redirected to the page to upload files.

More information can be found on our Assistive Technology Website.

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