**Please visit SMFA Student Affairs at the SMFA (2nd floor, B-side) to reserve a locker at 230 Fenway.**

Lockers at 230 The Fenway

  • To register a locker at 230 The Fenway, please visit SMFA Student Affairs. You will need your Tufts ID.  (You agree to have read and understand the locker information outlined below and accept all of the responsibilities described therein.) .   If you are not able to visit SMFA Student Affairs in person, please email with the subject LOCKERS and your name, Tufts email, Tufts ID number, your preferred side and floor of the building for a locker reservation.
  • Students may register no more than 1 locker at 230 Fenway.  Any remaining lockers as of October 1st will be available first come, first served. 
  • All lockers must be emptied by May 18, 2020.

​Register a Locker

Locker Information

  1. All lockers MUST be registered through the SMFA Office of Student Affairs or the  Office of Graduate Studies at Mission Hill annually (based on the September – May academic calendar). Registration consists registering the locker via SMFA Student Affairs. If a locker is at 230 Fenway, it is to be registered through the SMFA Office of Student Affairs. If a locker is at Mission Hill, it is to be registered through the Office of Graduate Studies at Mission Hill.
  2. Once a locker has been registered it does not need to be registered again during the academic year unless a change of locker is requested and approved.
  3. You may not put your own lock on a locker.  Any lock that is not school issued will be removed.
  4. Students may only register 1 locker at Mission Hill.  One locker may be registered at 230 Fenway.
  5. Failure to properly register your locker with the SMFA Office of Student Affairs or Office of Graduate Studies at Mission Hill may result in the removal of locker contents.
  6. Sensitive or highly personal materials should not be stored in lockers or in any other storage space provided by the School.
  7. All locker contents must comply with the School’s Art Safety and Hazardous Materials Plan.  Please see the SMFA Policies section of the Student Code of Conduct.
  8. The School is not, under any circumstances, responsible for the contents of any locker.
  9. All lockers are the property of Tufts University. The School reserves the right to search the contents of lockers as necessary for safety and health related reasons, or if a locker is in violation of locker policies.
  10. All lockers are inventoried and cleaned each summer starting no later than June 1.
  11. Locker holders are responsible for emptying locker contents by the last day of Review Boards during the spring semester. Notices will be posted to remind locker holders of this deadline. All contents not removed by the posted date will become property of the School and may be discarded or donated.
  12. Students who withdraw, take a Leave of Absence, go on exchange, or are suspended from their program are required to empty the locker of its contents prior to their departure from SMFA. They may register a new locker upon their return to the School.

Lockers within studios and classrooms are administered by the shop monitor or area representative responsible for the studio and/or classroom.