Tufts in Ghana

Location: Accra, Ghana
Program option: Fall or Spring Semester*
Language of instruction: English

*COVID restrictions may impact availability

While we work with the University of Ghana to reconfigure and relaunch the Tufts-in-Ghana program, we will be partnering with our colleagues at SIT in the 2022-23 academic year to offer our students an exciting opportunity to earn Tufts credit through their semester-long program entitled Ghana: Globalization, Cultural Legacies & The Afro-Chic. Students may apply for either the fall or spring semester to explore Ghana's cosmopolitan present and future by examining its rich history and culture. 

Ghana is among the most economically prosperous and politically stable countries in Africa. Its climate is tropical. Notwithstanding the challenges faced by all developing nations, Ghana has a rapidly-modernizing infrastructure for healthcare, telecommunications, transportation, food, and accommodation. There is a market economy, a free press, an independent judiciary, and an elected constitutional democracy. English is the language of instruction on the program and is widely spoken throughout the nation, although an Asante Twi language course is arranged for program participants in order to facilitate a deeper understanding of local culture.

Program Staff

SIT's onsite staff oversee the program and will support students' academic and personal welfare while abroad. Further support will be provided by Tufts Global Education staff in Medford.


The Tufts-in-Ghana program is open to undergraduate juniors and seniors who meet the general eligibility requirements. Students from all academic majors are encouraged to apply. 


$41,001 for a semester includes:

  • Round-trip airfare to Accra from the continental United States.
  • Full room within a homestay and board (either within the homestay or via meal stipend).
  • Full tuition and fees with SIT.
  • Cultural events and excursions.
  • Independent Study Project or internship.


In addition to a curated selection of courses on Ghanaian culture past, present, and future, students will also take a beginner's Asante Twi language course to help them engage more deeply with the local community and also prepare them for the hands-on month-long internship or independent research project, a hallmark of SIT's programs. A Research Methods & Ethics course further prepares students for undertaking such experiential learning. Please read more about the courses on SIT's website.

Program Details

Accommodations and Meals

Students live with a local host family and enjoy learning about Ghanaian culture through sharing meals, daily life, and language practice with the family. All host families are located within a 30-minute walk to the SIT program center. All meals are covered, either through a stipend or with the host family. Read more about the homestay on SIT's website.

Student Activities

A number of program excursions occur throughout the semester to help students learn more about both their local surroundings and the variety of sites and communities throughout Ghana. Local visits include museums, markets, start-ups, and Parliamentary buildings, while excursions further afield take students from Cape Coast in the south up to Tamale and Mole National Park in the north. Read more about excursions and activities on SIT's website.

Program Dates

(dates are approximate)

The fall-semester program runs from early September to mid-December; the spring-semester program runs from late January to mid-May.

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