Jumbos Abroad Photo & Reel Contest

Hosted by Tufts Global Education, the annual Jumbos Abroad contest provides an opportunity for Tufts students to share their education abroad experiences with the wider Tufts community. Read below for this year's categories and submission guidelines.

A winning photographer will be selected in each category, and they will each receive a $100 gift card. Winning photos and videos will be showcased on the Tufts Global Education website and social media channels.

The submission deadline is 11:59 PM ET on Tuesday, November 29, 2022. Submissions received past this deadline will not be considered.


Submission Guidelines

  • The Jumbos Abroad Photo and Reel Contest categories aim to capture a range of experiences from Tufts students participating in an education program abroad. 


    1. Get involved! We want to see you in class, in the lab, at your internship, on the soccer field, on the stage. Show us how you engaged with your education abroad experience through academics, work experiences, and extracurriculars. 
    2. Show us around! What is day-to-day life like in your city? Show us the transportation, activities, food, and anything else that is unique to your city. 
    3. Wow us! Send your best landscapes, cityscapes, landmarks, panoramas, and aerial shots. We want to see the natural and human-made wonders of your city or region. 
    4. Jumbos abroad! Did you wear your Tufts sweatshirt to the Black Forest? Or carry a Tufts water bottle around London? Perhaps you spotted a fellow Jumbo and it transported you back to Medford for a minute. Show us how you represented and/or encountered Tufts abroad. 
    5. Reels. Submit video reels that fit into any of the categories listed above.
  • To enter the Tufts Global Education Photo Contest, you must be a Tufts student who attended one of more of the following programs between Summer 2021 and the current Fall 2022 semester: 

    In addition, the submissions must be the original work of the student and fit for public display.

  • Photographs and reels will be judged on their aesthetic value—originality, creativity, and quality of execution—as well as on how well they respond to the category. We will also be looking to ensure that photos are well representative of Tufts Global Education and the University as a whole. 

    We will select one winning entry for each category. Winning photos and reels will be displayed on the Tufts Global Education website and TGE social media channels.

    We would also like to feature photo submissions in our print materials and Tufts' websites. We will ask you to give permission to use your photo(s) upon submission. 

  • We have not placed a limit on the number of photographs or videos you may submit to the contest. The submission form allows up to 10 entries; if you would like to send more, please contact us at globaleducation@tufts.edu.

    • Photographs must be in .jpg or .png format and at least 300dpi. 
    • Reels must be in .mp4 or .mov format and 1080x1920 pixels (9:16 aspect ratio). They may be up to 60 seconds in length. 
    • Each digital file should be titled as follows: "Last Name, First Name_City, Country_Category", e.g., a student named Jane Doe submitting a photo from Tufts in Oxford to the 'Wow Us' category will name the file as: "Doe, Jane_Oxford, England_Wow Us.  
    • Each submission must include a title and a caption explaining the significance of the subject of the photo or reel, or its significance to you.

      Submit your work! 

Ethical Use of Photography and Video

In the age of social media, it can be tempting to document everything, especially when we find ourselves in new environments. Here are a few resources to help you consider how to capture your experiences abroad in a way that is ethical and considerate of peoples and cultures.