Undergraduate Monthly Payment Plan

Tufts offers a 10-Month Payment Plan through a third-party vendor to help families budget their annual college costs and minimize their borrowing. The plan has no interest or finance charges. This full-year plan runs from July to April with payments due on the 15th of each month. An application fee ($55 at time of printing) is due when you enroll.

Enrollment Deadline

If your family wishes to use the Monthly Payment Plan, you should enroll in early July to make the first payment due on July 15th. Late enrollment is available until August 31st. After this enrollment deadline, the fall-only and full-year Monthly Payment Plan is not available as a financing option. Payment for any unpaid past month is due upon enrollment in the monthly plan. We recommend that you enroll as early as possible, using an estimated plan amount if necessary. There is no fee for adjusting the total plan amount.

Setting the Plan Amount

Please note that when you enroll in the 10-month plan, you will be prompted to select a separate plan amount for fall and spring for five payments each. Typically, families must set the plan amount higher in the fall than in the spring because Tufts charges the full mandatory fees in the fall only.

Please note that the payment plan company does not have access to your eBill, financial aid, loan request, outside aid, or other information about your resources. You must determine the correct plan amount to cover the balance due on your bill each semester. To help calculate your plan amount, we suggest using the Student Account Calculator, an interactive tool that allows you to estimate the semester bill balances in advance.

Questions about the Monthly Payment Plan? Contact Billing by calling Student Services by phone at 617-627-2000, or send an email to  studentservices@tufts.edu.

Additional Information