3/25/24 Update: We will begin reviewing submitted appeals for admitted Regular Decision students on 4/1/24

Appeal Process: 2024-2025 Overview

All of our financial aid awards for Arts & Sciences and Engineering students are based solely on financial need, as determined by our analysis of family financial resources. Tufts does not offer merit aid, nor do we match financial aid offers from other institutions. Awards from other institutions will not be used alone as a basis for adjusting Tufts aid awards.

Tufts offers a process through which you may request reconsideration of your 2024-2025 award. If there has been a significant change in your family’s financial situation, or if you believe there are special circumstances or new information not considered initially, you can submit an appeal to have your aid application reviewed again.

  • If 2023 parental income is at least 15% less than 2022 income, Tufts may consider an appeal based upon 2023 income. A more recent change in circumstances such as a period of unemployment lasting six months or more, or medical expenses over 5% of total income may also be considered.
  • We are not able to consider appeals based on circumstances that include, but are not limited to: high consumer debt, personal expenses, monthly living expenses, and changes or expenses that have not yet occurred.

If you wish to appeal your aid decision, you should submit all of the required documents as soon as possible before the date of your Admissions deposit deadline. This will allow the Financial Aid Committee the 7-10 business days required to review the appeal.

Once you pay your deposit, we are not able to consider you for any additional first-year aid. Appeals will not be considered after the respective deposit deadline of each round of admission.

How to Submit an Appeal

To initiate an appeal, please submit the following items to IDOC:

  • A completed Appeal Form.  
  • A detailed explanation letter, and any supporting documents that would be helpful in clarifying the situation.  
  • A complete copy of 2023 Parent Federal Income Tax Returns and W-2s, including all schedules, statements, and attachments, and if applicable, federal business returns.
  • If the 2023 tax return has not been filed yet, please submit any other relevant documentation for 2023 income in the meantime.

These items must be submitted to IDOC. Tax and/or income documents submitted by email will not be accepted.

After the Appeal Form, explanation letter, tax returns and/or income documentation, and supporting documents have been received, the Financial Aid Committee will review and have a decision to you within 7-10 business days. Appeals will not be considered after the respective deposit deadline of each round of admission.