Location: Legon, Ghana
Program option: fall semester*
Language of instruction: English

*COVID restrictions may impact availability

The Tufts-in-Ghana program, which takes place in the fall semester, links Tufts to the University of Ghana (Legon), located just outside the booming metropolis of the capital, Accra.

The University of Ghana, founded in 1948, is a full-service research and teaching university comprising two main colleges (College of Health Sciences and College of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences); six faculties (Arts, Law, Science, Social Studies, Engineering Science, and Business School); and numerous institutes, schools, and centers, some of which offer courses only at the graduate level (for example, the School of Communication Studies and the School of Public Health). The university’s more than 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students are served by nine residence halls, two international student hostels, a chain of privately operated hostels, central and branch libraries, a university hospital, several banks, a post office, and several communication centers for email, telephone, and fax. The area of Legon is part of Greater Accra, a cosmopolitan urban center.

Ghana is among the most economically prosperous and politically stable countries in Africa. Its climate is tropical. Notwithstanding the challenges faced by all developing countries, Ghana has a rapidly modernizing infrastructure for sanitation, healthcare, telecommunications, transportation, food, and accommodation. There is a market economy, a free press, an independent judiciary, and an elected constitutional democracy. English is the language of instruction at the University of Ghana and is widely spoken throughout the nation, although a Twi language course is arranged for program participants in order to facilitate a deeper understanding of local culture.

Program Staff

Director: Kweku Bilson, B.A. University of Ghana; M.A., Ph.D., Moscow State University.

The on-site director supervises the program, monitoring the quality of instruction and living conditions of Tufts students.


The Tufts-in-Ghana program is open to undergraduate juniors and seniors who meet the general eligibility requirements. Students from all academic majors, including mathematics and the sciences, are encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to students who can demonstrate that a semester in Ghana will benefit their overall undergraduate program and to students who have taken courses related to Africa.


$38,245 for fall semester includes:

  • Cost and preparation of student visas.
  • Round-trip airfare to Accra from the continental United States.
  • Ten-day orientation program.
  • Full room and board.
  • Full tuition and fees at the University of Ghana.
  • Cultural events and Excursions.
  • Extracurricular activities such as sports, performances, and clubs.