Academic Credit

Tufts Programs Abroad

All courses taken on Tufts Programs Abroad, including host-country university courses, will be awarded Tufts credit in the corresponding department (or as "All-College” credit if there is no corresponding department at Tufts). The program Director supervises and monitors your progress in order to ensure that you obtain full credit for courses taken in each program. Grades are given by professors according to the grading system of each country. Because different systems of grading are sometimes used, your grades might then be converted into the equivalent Tufts grades. You are normally able to obtain approximately sixteen semester hour units (SHUs) of Tufts credit for each semester of study abroad, which is equivalent to the normal load at Tufts.

While all courses taken on Tufts Programs Abroad will count toward to the total number of credits required for graduation, it is up to each department to decide which courses will count and how they will count toward the major. You should consult with your major department regarding specific courses you wish to take on a Tufts Program Abroad to fulfill major requirements. You may request formal approval for a course taken through a Tufts Program Abroad to be designated either as a direct equivalent to a Tufts course or as upper- or lower-level major credit. You can do this by submitting an 'Equivalence Request for Tufts Programs Abroad’ via SIS

External Programs

Courses taken on an approved external program are eligible for transfer credit towards the Tufts degree. Full policies regarding transfer credit are outlined on the Registrar's website, but in short: you must receive a grade of C- or above in order for a course to be eligible for transfer credit; courses taken pass/fail are not eligible for transfer credit (and transfer-credit courses are not counted as pass/fail and thus do not count towards your pass/fail allotment here at Tufts). Transfer credit grades will not show on your Tufts transcript, calculate into your Tufts GPA, or count towards Latin honors. Courses receiving transfer credit may count towards degree requirements (such as major, minor, distribution, and foundation, per the Registrar's policies), but departmental policies regarding transfer credit will vary. It is your responsibility to get each of your courses approved for transfer credit in SIS.  You can find more information about transfer credit policies and procedures in the Course Approval section.

Honors at Graduation

Students who think they might be eligible for degree honors at graduation (see Tufts Bulletin) should consider a Tufts Programs Abroad program. Grades earned on a Tufts program will count toward degree honors (such as cum laude), while transfer credit (available through external programs) will not.