Paying for Student Event Expenses

Student organizations may be required to pay fees for event management services. Other fees may be imposed depending on the nature of the event.  
NOTE:  Depending on the specifics of an on-campus student organization event, the resources needed and the location there may be fees associated. Fees charged by the University for various event services will be covered by the TCU Senate for TCU funded undergraduate student organizations. These include standard fees for services like on-campus space rentals, TUPD detail officers, basic Tufts AV Services, TuftsTicket fees, set-up/break-down fees, and general furniture rental fees. Fees will be charged to the individual student organization for items that are determined to be “extra” and specific to the event. These may include specific furniture rentals, staging, lighting, outside vendors for AV or other services, off-campus event fees, travel fees, advertising/promotion, and other event production needs. In addition the student organization would also be directly charged for any late fees. The fees covered are for TCU funded organizations only.
Event Management Pricing Information

A/V Services

All Student Organization A/V needs should be requested through the Event Registration system and JumboLife. Once the event is approved OCL staff will send in the official request to AV Services. A confirmation with pricing will be sent from AV services before any work is confirmed and completed. Note: AV services requires at least 10 days' notice for service. Depending on time or specific AV needs, AV Services may not be able to meet requests and an outside vendor may be required.


Please check out the Tufts Catering website for various options and menus. Student Organizations may contact and work with Tufts Catering on their own. Once confirmed the student organization can work with Campus Life to process payment to Catering.

Facilities/Event Services

You may need to rent tables, chairs or other items for an event. You may need a specific room set-up or possibly a cleaning after your event. All of these types of requests should be made on your JumboLife Event Registration form. Once the event is approved OCL staff will work directly with Facilities and Event Services to place the requested order. Please do not put in requests to the Facilities system for any student organization event. Questions should be directed to OCL.

OCL Event Staff

The Office for Campus Life has a team of Event Staff who are available to assist with various events. Requests for Event Staff can be made as part of the JumboLife Event Registration process. The organization will then hear from OCL staff to confirm Event Staff details. Some spaces and events require Event Staff. Organizations will be informed when Event Staff is required.

Security Officers

A detail security officer charge is $55 per hour per officer, at a four-hour minimum shift. NOTE:  The University will cover the TUPD detail officer costs for all on-campus student organization events, when it is required to have the added security. As always, security depends on several factors including location, time/day of event, number of attendees, nature of program, specific presenter(s), or other factors that may call for security. Requests will be made by the Office for Campus Life on behalf of the Student Organization. Please refer to Security Details at Events for further information.

Tufts Tickets

The Office for Campus Life manages the Tufts Ticket system. Requests for Tufts Tickets can be made as part of the JumboLife Event Registration process. The organization will then hear from OCL staff with any questions and to confirm ticket order. For more detail on Tufts Tickets please visit Tufts Tickets on the OCL website.

Vendors/Companies and Purchasing Goods and Services

Please refer to the TCU Treasury Procedures Manual and also visit the OCL Financial Office in Campus Center, Room 213, for information and procedures for paying outside vendors.  Please refer to the Tufts University Purchasing Office website for information on purchasing goods and services, as well as a list of University strategic partners and preferred suppliers.

An Interdepartmental Requisition (IDR) must be filed with each department at least three weeks in advance.