Invited Viewer Access

You may invite other people (such as parents or spouses) to have access to your SIS account. With the exception of the medical insurance waiver, this access is always view-only, and you can control how much or how little invited viewers are allowed to see. You can also revoke access at any time.

To allow a person access as an Invited Viewer:

  1. Login to SIS at
  2. Click ‘My Profile’ and then ‘Invited Viewer Access’
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to invite a user to view your SIS account
  4. Remember to choose which sections of your SIS account your invited viewer has access to

To reset your SIS password as an Invited Viewer:

  1. Go to the SIS homepage at
  2. Click on "Can’t log in?" beneath the log in button
  3. Follow the directions given under the "Guests" option