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We are a central resource and can help you out when you’re not sure where to start. We support an inclusive and safe community for all students and promote leadership development in partnership with many other campus offices. Our mission is to help all Tufts thrive in our living and learning community.

Campus Culture

Tufts students describe the University's campus culture.

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Our Mission

Tufts Student Affairs is devoted to sustaining a robust learning environment, a supportive and inclusive community, and the personal growth and potential of every student. We offer professional resources and specialists to help you navigate and thrive in our open, friendly, and creative culture.

Our professional staff also help you learn and practice life skills. The exposure to a full array of academic, social and emotional challenges becomes the foundation of meaningful and positive lives. As a Tufts student, you join a shared community of Tufts alumni global citizens making a daily difference in an uncertain world seeking solutions, needing leaders and leaning on experts.

While at Tufts, it is our hope that you will learn to be true to yourself and to your fellow community members.

Tufts offers no less than the world to our students, who are prepared, skilled and excited to make the world a better place in big and small ways.

Sharing Community Values

We seek to accomplish our mission in and through a unique community that shares a few core values. At Tufts, our community members seek standing and strive for contribution as:

  • Skilled and Contributing Citizens of the World
  • Anti-Racist in words and action; embracing Tufts’ DEIJ programs and attitude
  • Responsible Community Members, sharing with and helping each other
  • Committed to Social & Restorative Justice