Alcohol at Student Events

Alcohol service is normally not permitted at on-campus student organization events unless prior approval is granted. Should a student organization wish to serve alcohol at an event they must get prior approval by first contacting the Office for Campus Life. NOTE: TCU Treasury funding can never be used to fund alcohol, or any services related to the distribution of alcohol at an event.

If permitted, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Alcohol at a student organization event will only be considered if the majority of attendees are of legal age.
  • All alcoholic beverages served must be purchased, sold and distributed by employees of Tufts Catering Services.
  • The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited except for in licensed facilities managed by Tufts Dining.
  • For service of alcohol in non-licensed areas you must work with Tufts Dining to secure a license from the city.
  • Revenue received from the sale of alcohol will be retained by Tufts Dining Services.
  • If not selling alcohol the organization still needs to follow all guidelines and work with Tufts Dining and Catering Services.
  • All organizations sponsoring events where alcohol will be served are responsible for observing Massachusetts State laws, city ordinances, and University regulations.
  • Food must be included at any event where alcohol is being served, including off-campus events.

NOTE: Student Organizations wishing to have alcohol served at off-campus events must still seek approval from the Office for Campus Life. The venue would be responsible for adherence to all state and local regulations. The Student Organization must adhere to any guidelines or requirements established by the event venue.