Transportation & Travel for Student Events

Student Organizations traveling for Tufts University business must complete the Event Registration Form on JumboLife by selecting “Student Organization Travel” and completing all required fields. This form is required for any student organization, whether they are TCU funded or not, for any off-campus travel including local travel.  Student groups traveling on behalf of campus departments should also complete the registration form (excluding club sports or varsity athletic teams). Student Organizations using their organization funding for travel should work directly with the Campus Life Financial Office in room 213 of the Mayer Campus Center to book all travel needs (hotel, flights, local/ground transportation, meals, buses, etc.) once the event registration form has been approved.

Individual Student Transportation Needs

Discounted Charlie Cards are available for purchase at the Mayer Campus Center Information Booth. There are also MBTA semester passes available for students and can be purchased on SIS.

ZipCar has vehicles parked on campus for easy student access. Students under the age of 21 may rent Zip Car, however, there are additional insurance forms and waivers that would need to be completed. Please refer to the Zipcar at Tufts webpage for information.

Other Student Organizations/Departments with University Vehicles

Several student organizations and the Athletic Department have their own designated vehicles. These vehicles are managed by the specific student organizations/departments and are for the business of those organizations/departments only. Each student organization/department with vehicles has their own reservation systems and drivers must adhere to the specific group’s policies. However, all drivers must adhere to the Vehicle Fleet Policy and have completed the Student Driver Approval Process.

Outside Company Vehicle Rental and Bus Rental

Student Organizations with budget approval, either through a representing Campus Department or the TCU Treasury may also reserve vehicles from rental companies. Student Organizations seeking information on how to do this should make an appointment with the Campus Life Financial Office in Room 213 of the Mayer Campus Center. Campus Life Financial Office staff will work individually with group members based on their needs. Once an option (van rental, bus rental, ride share, zip car etc.)  is decided on the TCU funded Student Organization must complete a TCU Credit Card Application Form and have the TCU Treasury sign off on the form. Non-funded student organizations seeking this service must have approval and Department ID number from the sponsoring campus department before a reservation can be made.

Full insurance including collision, driver and third party is required when renting a vehicle. All drivers must adhere to the University Travel/Driver Policy and have on file a completed and approved Student Driver Application. To complete the Student Driver Approval Process, please contact

GoBuses offers Tufts University a 12% discount on their online fares. Offers transportation from Alewife Station (close to Medford campus) to New York City and beyond.

Privately-Owned Vehicles/Insurance Coverage

The university does NOT provide insurance coverage or indemnification for any accident or mishap involving students, their passengers, or any third party stemming from the use of privately-owned vehicles, even when they are used in connection with Tufts sponsored programs and activities. The driver (and/or the owner) of the private vehicle is wholly responsible for any litigation, financial exposure, or other repercussions that may result from its use. Additionally, passengers should realize that they are not covered by any university indemnification program or policy. For this reason, the university does not approve student organizations to use personal vehicles for university sponsored travel.

Public Transportation Services

Charlie Cards are available for funded student organizations to purchase in bulk. Bulk purchases for student organizations must first be approved by the TCU Treasury through a Inter-Departmental Requisition (IDR). Once approved, tickets are available for pick up in the Office for Campus Life.