Your Bill, Loans, and Payment Plan: Undergraduate Students

This page is a resource to help you transition from reading your award letter to estimating what your bill balance will be and learn about the different sources of financing available to help pay the bill.

We bill students electronically using eBill. When a new eBill statement is released, students receive an email notification that directs them to log in to their SIS (Student Information System) account to view it. Students must invite their parent(s), or any other individual, to view or pay the eBill. The billing and payment due dates are the same each year:

Billing DatesPayment Due Dates
Fall eBill releasedEarly July
Fall eBill balance dueEarly August
Spring eBill releasedEarly November
Spring eBill balance dueEarly December

Your eBill statement is the official notification of the balance owed to Tufts. You can view past eBill statements and real time current balance and up to date billing changes in SIS.

You can use the Student Account Calculator to estimate each semester’s bill balance prior to the release of the eBill. The Calculator is typically updated with actual figures for the upcoming year early in June after the Board of Trustees confirms the costs in the spring.

Several financing options are available for families to help cover their balance due: a Monthly Payment Plan for each semester, Federal Direct Loan (subsidized and/or unsubsidized), the Federal Direct PLUS Loan for parents, and private education loans. Families aren’t limited to using just one source of financing, so you can consider multiple options in developing a plan to cover your educational costs. For example, you may wish to combine the 10-Month Payment Plan with a loan.

Select from the menu to learn more about estimating your bill, and each of the available financing options that can be used to help pay your bill.

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