Undergraduate Transfer of Credit Representatives

Transfer of Credit Department for Undergraduate Students
Approver Name
Approver Email Address
3D and Performance Leah Gadd Leah.Gadd@tufts.edu
Africana Studies H. Adlai Murdoch H.Murdoch@tufts.edu
Africana Studies Cynthia Sanders Cynthia.Sanders@tufts.edu
American Studies Kerri Greenidge Kerri.Greenidge@tufts.edu
American Studies Cynthia Sanders Cynthia.Sanders@tufts.edu
Anthropology Nick Seaver Nick.Seaver@tufts.edu
Arabic Kamran Rastegar Kamran.Rastegar@tufts.edu
Arabic Rana E. Abdul-Aziz Rana.Abdul-Aziz@tufts.edu
Archeology Steven W. Hirsch Steven.Hirsch@tufts.edu
Architectural Studies Diana Martinez Diana.Martinez@tufts.edu
Asian American Studies Kris K. Manjapra Kris.Manjapra@tufts.edu
Asian American Studies Cynthia Sanders Cynthia.Sanders@tufts.edu
Astronomy Gary R. Goldstein Gary.Goldstein@tufts.edu
Astronomy Peggy Cebe Peggy.Cebe@tufts.edu
Biological Engineering Kyongbum Lee Kyongbum.Lee@tufts.edu
Biology George S. Ellmore George.Ellmore@tufts.edu
Biomedical Engineering Sergio Fantini Sergio.Fantini@tufts.edu
Chemical Engineering Kyongbum Lee Kyongbum.Lee@tufts.edu
Chemistry Sergiy Kryatov Sergiy.Kryatov@tufts.edu
Chemistry Terry E. Haas Terry.Haas@tufts.edu
Child Development W. George Scarlett George.Scarlett@tufts.edu
Chinese Culture or Literature Courses Xueping Zhong Xueping.Zhong@tufts.edu
Chinese Language Courses Mingquan Wang M.Wang@tufts.edu
Civil and Environmental Engineering C. Andrew Ramsburg Andrew.Ramsburg@tufts.edu
Civil and Environmental Engineering Laura J. Sacco Laura.Sacco@tufts.edu
Colonialism Studies and Native American and Indigenous Studies Amahl Bishara Amahl.Bishara@tufts.edu
Colonialism Studies and Native American and Indigenous Studies Cynthia Sanders Cynthia.Sanders@tufts.edu
Classics Joanne Phillips JH.Phillips@tufts.edu
Community Health Karen Claire Kosinski Karen.Kosinski@tufts.edu
Computer Science Alva Couch Alva.Couch@tufts.edu
Dance Heather Shawn Nathans Heather.Nathans@tufts.edu
Data Science Alva Couch Alva.Couch@tufts.edu
Drama Heather Shawn Nathans Heather.Nathans@tufts.edu
Earth and Ocean Science/Geology John C. Ridge Jack.Ridge@tufts.edu
Economics Drusilla Brown Drusilla.Brown@tufts.edu
Education Ryan D. Redmond Ryan.Redmond@tufts.edu
Electrical and Computer Engineering Chorng Hwa Chang Chorng.Chang@tufts.edu
Engineering Briana Bouchard Briana.Bouchard@tufts.edu
Engineering C. Andrew Ramsburg Andrew.Ramsburg@tufts.edu
Engineering Management Mary Viola Mary.Viola@tufts.edu
Engineering Management Samuel Liggero Samuel.Liggero@tufts.edu
Engineering Psychology Briana Bouchard Briana.Bouchard@tufts.edu
Engineering Psychology James Intriligator James.Intriligator@tufts.edu
English Sonia Hofkosh Sonia.Hofkosh@tufts.edu
Environmental Studies Sara Gomez Garcia Sara.Gomez@tufts.edu
Film and Media Studies Khary Jones Khary.Jones@tufts.edu  
French Isabelle H. Naginski Isabelle.Naginski@tufts.edu
German Culture Courses Markus Wilczek Markus.Wilczek@tufts.edu
German Language Courses Saskia Stoessel-Deschner Saskia.Stoessel@tufts.edu
Gordon Institute Jonathan Mixter Jay.Mixter@tufts.edu
Graphic Arts, Print and Paper Leah Gadd Leah.Gadd@tufts.edu
Greek Joanne Phillips JH.Phillips@tufts.edu
Hebrew Hedda Harari-Spencer Hedda.Harari_Spencer@tufts.edu
History Man Xu Man.Xu@tufts.edu
History of Art and Architecture Jacob Stewart-Halevy Jacob.Stewart_Halevy@tufts.edu
Human Factors Engineering Briana Bouchard Briana.Bouchard@tufts.edu
Human Factors Engineering James Intriligator James.Intriligator@tufts.edu
International Literary and Visual Studies Hosea Hirata Hosea.Hirata@tufts.edu
Italian Cristina Pausini Cristina.Pausini@tufts.edu
Italian Laura Baffoni-Licata Laura.Baffoni-Licata@tufts.edu
Japanese Culture Hosea Hirata Hosea.Hirata@tufts.edu
Japanese Language Kiyomi Kagawa Kiyomi.Kagawa@tufts.edu
Judaic Studies Joel Rosenberg Joel.Rosenberg@tufts.edu
Latin Joanne Phillips JH.Phillips@tufts.edu
Latino Studies Kris K. Manjapra Kris.Manjapra@tufts.edu
Latino Studies Cynthia Sanders Cynthia.Sanders@tufts.edu
Linguistics Ariel M. Goldberg Ariel.Goldberg@tufts.edu
Mathematics Christoph Borgers Christoph.Borgers@tufts.edu
Mathematics Misha Kilmer Misha.Kilmer@tufts.edu
Mechanical Engineering Briana Bouchard Briana.Bouchard@tufts.edu
Media Arts Leah Gadd Leah.Gadd@tufts.edu
Museum School Leah Gadd Leah.Gadd@tufts.edu
Music Frank Lehman Frank.Lehman@tufts.edu
Nutrition Diane Louise McKay Diane.Mckay@tufts.edu
Other Languages Charles Inouye Charles.Inouye@tufts.edu 
Painting and Drawing Leah Gadd Leah.Gadd@tufts.edu
Peace And Justice Studies Peter L. Levine Peter.Levine@tufts.edu
Philosophy David A. Denby David.Denby@tufts.edu
Photography Leah Gadd Leah.Gadd@tufts.edu
Physical Education Matthew Callahan Matt.Callahan@tufts.edu
Physics Gary R. Goldstein Gary.Goldstein@tufts.edu
Physics Peggy Cebe Peggy.Cebe@tufts.edu
Political Science Consuelo Cruz Consuelo.Cruz@tufts.edu
Political Science Michael Beckley Michael.Beckley@tufts.edu
Portuguese Cristine Soares Cristiane.Soares@tufts.edu
Psychology Lisa Shin Lisa.Shin@tufts.edu
Psychology Samuel Sommers Sam.Sommers@tufts.edu
Religion Joseph Walser Joseph.Walser@tufts.edu
Russian Vida T. Johnson Vida.Johnson@tufts.edu
Science, Technology and Society Moon Duchin Moon.Duchin@tufts.edu
Sociology Freeden Blume Oeur Freeden.BlumeOeur@tufts.edu
Spanish Pablo Ruiz Pablo.Ruiz@tufts.edu
Studio Art Leah Gadd Leah.Gadd@tufts.edu
Urban and Environmental Policy Mary E. Davis Mary.Davis@tufts.edu
Visual and Material Studies Eulogio Guzman Eulogio.Guzman@tufts.edu
Women's Gender, and Sexuality Studies Hilary Janine Binda Hilary.Binda@tufts.edu


Students seeking credit for "other literature" should submit requests for evaluation through International Literary and Visual Studies.